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Haiku Friday 5/30/08

Haiku Friday
Fourth Grade Play tonight!
Thing 2 was Stage Manager
Did a super job!

A look behind the scenes

Had a small part, too.
A dancer in the first scene.
Check out his cool moves!

Play was a success!
Isn’t he proud of himself?
As well he should be.

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Oh! And here is my ‘ku written by “the opposite sex” (this week’s theme):

Write a frickin’ ‘ku?
Only if I can write one
Like Andrew Dice Clay.

I really miss Jim Henson

One of the cooler things about being a parent is introducing your kids to things that you liked when you were their age.

Right now, I am watching The Dark Crystal with them. This is a great fantasy movie with creatures from the Jim Henson universe. Ok, maybe not *that* great, but enjoyable nonetheless. It came out in 1982 and I remember watching it in the theater and countless times on HBO. I found it at my local grocery store for $5.00.

The kids are totally grooving on this. I’m so glad that they like so many of the things that Spouse and I did as growing up. When I get to share something that I enjoyed with them, and they enjoy it too, it is so satisfying.

But about the title. Jim Henson was so unbelievably talented and it was such a tragedy when he died so relatively young. I still can’t listen to Just One Person without breaking out into tears. Here, I’ll let you do it, too.

This has to be in my top five songs. Enjoy. :)

Haiku Friday 5/23/08

Haiku Friday

On Wednesday I wrote
Good Haiku for something else.
Sorry you missed it.

I am too lazy
To be creative again.
Click here to see it.

I hope that this week
I can go and visit all
Those who visit here.

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The most embarrassing workout story ever.

There is a giveaway at CityMama for the most embarrassing work out story. I wouldn’t normally share something so horribly embarrassing, but there is a Wii Fit at stake, and I’m willing to risk it. Besides, this is soooo mortifying, that it has a good chance of winning. Unless of course they pick randomly and then I’ve gone and put egg on my face for no good reason. Except your entertainment. When you are done here, go to CityMama, the hostess of this giveaway, and read more entries. Thanks!

A warning to the male readers of this blog: You may want to go here now.

So I’m in this “Yoga-works” class at my gym. It’s kind of an odd mix of yoga, strength training and cardio work. It’s pretty cool, but also pretty intense. Lots and lots and lots of ab work.

During this session of class, I was, sadly, enduring a visit from our dear “Aunt Flo”. And as such I was using the standard internal protection. Things were going along pretty well until we get to the ab work section. We were doing all kinds of things on the balance balls, and with the balance balls and really using those lower ab muscles to the hilt.

We got to this one pose where we had to squeeze and hold it.

And hold it.

And hold it.

And release.

And out the tampon squirted.

I was wearing loose yoga pants that day, so I was able to get to the restroom before too many people saw the blood running down my leg. But a few people did, mostly guys, and I just wanted to have the floor open up on me and swallow me up.

I think I stayed in the restroom for a good 20 minutes before I got the courage to go out there again.

So there you go. My entry into the competition. I hope it earns me what I’m looking for: an excuse not to show my face there again. :)

She told me to…(think Aerosmith)

Today’s Hump Day Hmmm: Walking out of stride—how do you walk out of stride, or do you? What’s it mean to you? For more takes on this topic, visit Julie at Using My Words. Oh, and if you can complete the title, you get a gold star for today. :)

Ministry of Silly Walks, Monty Python. Go ahead and watch, it’s a short clip.

Walking out of stride
This is how I live my life.
Slightly off center.

Never like others.
March to a different drum.
Sometimes really hurts.

I don’t understand
What drives so many others.
They all think I’m odd.

It’s not that I’m odd
Or even that different.
Same hole, bigger peg.

Over time I learned
How to make my steps fall in
And yet keep them mine.

This was hard to do.
Many tears along the way.
Worth it in the end.

Look at all the strides
You see around you each day.
Each one is unique.

Maybe you can find
A stride different from yours
And ask it to dance.

It’s time for Virtual Book Club!

No, really. I mean it this time. Things got a little crazy there for a bit and I totally had to go into firefighter mode. Things have settled down a bit (even caught up on the laundry!) and I can think again. Thanks for being patient. :)

After the last round of suggestions, it looked like people were most interested in The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. This I know is easily available, unlike the last book. It is also pretty short, which means we can schedule the discussion pretty soon.

So, to sum up….

The Last Lecture, Pausch/Zaslow

Sunday, June 1, 8:00 pm CST.

Hope to “see” you there! I’ll make cookies. :)

Friday Haiku 5/16/08

Happy boy today!
Was a cheetah in class play:
Cheetah and the Sloth.

Homemade costume time.
Yes I colored all those dots.
Turned out well, I’d say.

It was so worth it.
It made for a happy kid.
Can’t get costume off!

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Not sure how I would spell out a primal scream…

but if I did, that would be the title of this post.

So as my two loyal readers know, I substitute teach. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much lately because I can’t stay up too late to look at blogs and I can’t write posts first thing in the morning like I used to. At least not every day. And since there are only 15 and a half days left of school, and two vacations I want to take this summer, I am trying to work as much as I possibly can.

Anyway, before I tell you why the primal scream, I need to update you on some goings on in the household or the rest of this will make less sense than usual.

Spouse and I, after much gnashing of teeth and renting of clothes, have decided to transfer the Things to another school. The new school uses the IB (International Baccalaureate) Primary Years Curriculum. It’s still in our district and not that far from our house (just by the Home Depot I like to haunt…how expensive do you think THAT will be long term?). It has a much smaller student body and I think that overall it is the right decision. Part of my reasoning for moving the soon to be fifth grader was because the fifth grade team at the current school is a mess and will be having 75% turnover next year. And the ones staying don’t exactly inspire me.

Today I subbed in the fifth grade and I was subbing for one of the math/science teachers. Today’s project was pretty cool: we were starting to build model rockets. This is something I could actually contribute on since I have built them with the Things in the past. They were your standard issue Estes rockets, nothing really fancy. All you have to do is follow the directions and you are fine.

So did we do that? No. She had her OWN directions to follow, ones that are going to make things difficult a bit later. But whatever, I’m just the sub right? So I helped out just kept my mouth shut. During the afternoon time, the third m/s teacher comes into our lab and tells us she’s uncomfortable with “all this technical stuff” and could someone help her out. Since the teacher I was subbing for was actually there (she had to administer a TAKS retest in Spanish today and the student finished early), I was sent down to this other teacher’s room and I taught the lesson. A totally unprepared sub was better at teaching this lesson than the science teacher.

While in there, this teacher admitted to me that science makes her uncomfortable and had done no prep work for this topic at all.

A science teacher. Uncomfortable with her subject. And this is one of the ones who is STAYING.

Hence the primal scream. And Spouse, since I know you are reading this, TOTAL justification for our decision.

Friday Haiku 5/9/08

Mother’s Day on Sunday.
I like homemade gifts from kids.
Can’t wait to see them.

That will end so soon.
They are growing up so fast.
I will miss that stuff.

I will take the time
Treasure what they give me.
‘Cause it’s from the heart.

But the truth be told?
They’ve already given me
The best gift: themselves.

Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day! For more Haiku, check out these cool Mothers: A Mommy Story and Playgroups are No Place for Children.

Memeings…..Nothing More than Memeings….

So I got tagged by Attached Parent for a meme. I know she’s out traveling right now and I was going to wait until she got back but I have no blog fodder. Sorry. Here is my “Best” meme.

Best Meal: Hmmm….I love sushi, so any time at my favorite sushi joint is cool. But a really good pizza or lasagna will make me happy, too.

Best Hobbies: I play the cello and do as much DIY as time and budgets allow. I have a bunch of projects queued up right now. I just have to find the time.

Best Vacation: New York 2006. One week, tons of museums, food, family and stuff. Just a heck of a good time.

Best Vacation Sans Kid: Italy 2003. Five days in Rome and four days in Tuscany. Just me and my Dad. A total vacation.

Best Job: This I cannot answer. I only had really crappy jobs. I got to a point where I started to think that if a company hired me, then they must be totally screwed up. So what does that say about the school district that hired me to be a sub?

Best Thing to buy if money wasn’t an issue: My dream house. Totally done up with the stellar kitchen, amazing closets, uber custom bath, ultra garage for spouse, you name it.

Best age growing up: Thirteen. I didn’t care about boys yet, I was in gymnastics and winning at meets, school was still easy and fun, and everything still seemed possible.

Best toy as a kid: Atari 5200. All the guys wanted to come over and play at my house. I didn’t know how good I had it.

Best date before I was married: Cotton Bowl 1991. Twenty-five degrees, UT lost horribly to Miami, they ran out of hot chocolate, but I didn’t care. Why? Because it was my first real date with spouse. He had gone out of his way to find me at the “La Quinta in Garland” in bad weather because it meant that much for him to see me. I pretty much knew I had a keeper at that point.

So there ya go. I can’t think of anyone specific to tag, so if you feel like playing, consider yourself tagged. :)