Joining the teeming masses

Well, here I am. Me and about a billion other people. Adding my thoughts and ideas to an already overcrowded place and adding to the deafening background noise that is modern life. So why should you make this a place to waste some of your precious time? What’s so freakin’ special about me that you would come here and see what I have to say?

Nothing. And everything. I’m pretty average, I would have to say. I’m married, with kids, cats, the SUV, mortgage, soccer, and all that stuff. I stay at home and tend to the chaos that is our life. But I’m constantly brooding about something. Whether it is the odd fact that I heard David Bowie’s “White Wedding” as MUZAK at the grocery store today (WTF?), or what about the underpaid woman in Pakistan who made the sippy cup that my children drank out of, or that soccer fans in the US really need to support Fulham in the EPL because there are a lot of American players on the team and it will boost the USA’s soccer cred if they do well, I have something to say about everything.

And I love reading blogs. Not all blogs mind you, but some. It’s a voyeuristic thing I guess. Reading these things about other peoples lives is strangely comforting. For me it is a pleasant reminder that these people you see out there, the author and the ubergeek for example, are just people. Regular people, with regular problems, and a regular life. Just. Like. Me. And you.

So welcome. I hope that we can get to know each other. I hope that I can bring something of value into your life. I hope that this doesn’t become just another blog out there that never gets read.

Until later,


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