So, what’s on your nightstand?

I’ve always wanted to know what is on someone’s nightstand. Not what is in your nightstand-TMI!!!- just on it. I think it gives a valuable insight into who you are.

So, I’ve added a list to show you what is on my nightstand. I’ll update it weekly, as some really odd things cross it from time to time.


3 responses to “So, what’s on your nightstand?

  1. My nightstand is currently home to:

    A glass of ice water.
    A dry washcloth.
    A framed print of a little white mouse riding a little silver scooter and captioned “Blaze your own trail!”

    –YummY! (from the YummY! Down on This and nablopomo)

  2. I actually cleaned off my nightstand last week. So all that is on it is some change and my alarm clock. Usually it is full of stuff.

  3. Ummm… The dominant theme is Dust. And cat hair. And maybe an errant cat whisker.

    Otherwise, four framed photos (coordinating frames, thankyouverymuch), a glass of water, hand lotion, two remotes, the November issue of Southern Living and the book, “Circling My Mother.” It mocks me every night.

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