The first steps

In my past life, I did real estate and property management. I enjoyed it, but was only marginally successful. I was actually starting to come around when a steady paycheck opportunity came up and I took it. Then I got pregnant, started the family, and then *poof* ten years go by. Now, my husband is trying to talk me into doing the property management again. I just don’t know. This really doesn’t seem like the right thing for me to do. I can’t say why, it just isn’t. Gut feeling. But there is a part of me that wonders if I’m just scared or lazy. I need to start contributing financially, but I’m scared of letting my family down in all the other areas. And I question whether or not I really have the discipline to make this work. So here I am, blogging instead (in my defense here, I’m waiting for my kids to be done with one of their activities). I’m not deluded enough to think I can actually make money by writing. I’m actually pretty good at picking stocks and trading, so I may start doing that more seriously. I’m just really concerned what my husband will say. The last thing I want to hear him say is that I’m just making an excuse for not doing something hard.

So I’m not sure how to approach this with him. I mean, I can’t exactly move the seed money over to do this without him noticing. I can tap some other investment so it doesn’t affect our liquidity and cash savings, so there goes that argument. But then it comes down to follow through and discipline.


But I’ve done it before. Back in 2000-01. Did pretty well, but then the markets started getting wonky and I got scared and cashed out. I can do it again. Not that the markets aren’t wonky now, but I actually understand them more and it doesn’t scare me this time.

So I guess it is decided. Back to the stock market. And blogging. And music (more on that one later).


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