Second Steps

Well, I talked Spouse into the stock trading! I came up with a business plan and everything. I admit it was a little odd making a business plan for Spouse, but I figured it not only helpled convince him of my seriousness, but also focused my plans. So now is the next step of the follow through.

I am doing a course on technical analysis trading which is a little different approach from what I did before. This week, I have set up a mock portfolio using what I have learned. I’m keeping it realistic and only using the amount of money I would have actually invested. Should be interesting and I’ll update you at the close of business on Friday. I expect to keep practicing for a few weeks before I really get started. I’m also coming up with lots of ideas as to how I am going to make this work in the long run in regards to creating a cash flow. I’m keeping my mockfolio to myself for now, but once I gain a little confidence, I’ll share.

I’m pretty excited. It’s nice to be on the road to doing something like this again. Should be fun, and with luck, profitable!


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