The Grinch

Ok, we’re on the eve of what has becoming the second biggest freakin holiday of the year. Have you seen the latest figures on the economic impact of Halloween? Between 4 and 6 BILLION dollars. WTF?!? For costumes and candy? And of course all of the decorations and stuff. You should see my neighborhood…it’s crazy. Massive displays, some bigger than the stuff that gets put out at Christmas time.

I really dislike Halloween. I know, that makes me like the Halloween Grinch or something. But I just do. No, it has nothing to do with all of the Satanist/Pagan/Anti-Christian stuff. It just has to do with all of the profligate waste that surrounds this day. To be fair, I get just as annoyed when people go over the top for Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. But Halloween has a special place in my book of Things That are Just Plain Wrong.

Have you tried to buy a costume for a child lately? Or God forbid, an adult? It is not difficult to shell out $100 for this thing. Whatever happened to being creative and making up your own? That is what my kids are doing. Don’t need to go to Target and spend a ton of money on a Zombie costume, you already have ripped up jeans and t-shirts. We’ll just put some paint and dirt on them to make them look like the undead, apply some cheapo make-up and VOILA! Zombie. The other child wants to be a Grunt character from the Halo game. I’m not even sure that you can buy that costume, but if you could, I’m sure that it would be really expensive as a result of all of the licensing fees. So, we figured out how to make one out of the things in our house. Not only were we really creative about it, but it was fun to spend the time with my kid in doing it.

So maybe I don’t hate Halloween. Maybe I just hate what it has become. Something fun and harmless for the kids gets all screwed up when the adults take over. Just like youth sports.

So tomorrow, when you are out there, remember the good ol’ days of homemade costumes and ersatz haunted houses with grapes for eyes and spaghetti for brains. Trick or Treat.


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