At least I found out about it before doing the laundry…

I suppose today is as good as any to formally introduce you to my sons, heretofore known as Thing 1 and Thing 2. No, they aren’t twins, but it’s the best I can come up with right now.

Thing 1 just turned 10 last week, and I wrote a blog entry about that. Thing 2 will be 8 next week. They are 100% boy.

Each day after school, I usually pick them up halfway between our house and the school. I don’t pick them up at school because it is a traffic nightmare, and they don’t walk all the way home because it is almost 1.5 miles and frankly they are both a little too much like Billy from the Family Circus for me to trust them to get home in anything approaching a reasonable amount of time. Yesterday, I was a little late in picking them up. And the cost of this mistake is high.

When I finally show up at the appointed area, they were huddled over something and excitement just exuded from them. When I got over there, Thing 2 was holding a baby garter snake.

T2: “Oh, Mommy! Can we keep him?”

T1: “He was just sitting here on the grass, and Thing 2 picked him up!”

T2: “He’s so cuuuute! Please, can we keep him?” (It helps now to imagine Puss in Boots from Shrek, with the big giant teary eyes)

So now we have a garter snake. Believe it or not, we actually had an unused frog habitat at home that works, for now. After some research, I have learned that snakes are a deceptively high maintenance pet. Thing 1 is interested and will participate, but Thing 2 is all over this. I printed out all kinds of snake info and he is studying it intently. But he has an affinity for animals in general so this doesn’t surprise me.

I’m actually kind of glad he found the snake. We adopted two kittens last year, and one of them is definitely mine, and the other one has a major attachment to Thing 1. Thing 1 is also kind of a soccer star, plays a lot of video games with Spouse, and is pretty good at monopolizing our time. The snake gives us something to do with just Thing 2, and I like that.

His name is Slithers. I really hope he doesn’t die before we figure out how to feed him. (Earthworms, in case you were wondering)


3 responses to “At least I found out about it before doing the laundry…

  1. Hi there, I found you on NaBloPoMo – welcome to the blogosphere! You’re doing very well so far – your boys sound so cute! And you’re a GREAT mom – a snake, how cool is THAT?

    I’m fascinated that you’re a cellist/investor.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be stalking your blog from now on LOL!

  2. Hi there! I found you in the Random Group on NaBloPoMo, too! I used to live in Austin, which is why I picked you as the first blog I’d visit…

    I’m enjoying reading you so far… Can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I also found you via NaBloPoMo, the Cello Blogger group. I enjoyed your Thing1/Thing2 post, and look forward to reading more, especially about the cello!

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