Habit Check

Today might be what I call a habit day. I have these for the gym when something messes with my schedule, like an appointment that can’t be rescheduled, a sick kid, or something like that. I go to the gym for like 20 minutes or something, just to stay in the habit of going to the gym each day.

So I am posting just to get SOMETHING in. I had ambitious plans for today’s post, too. But my kids have soccer and b-day parties to go to, and my mom is coming into town, and I’m afraid this might be it. Which is kind of embarassing since I know people are actually starting to read this now. I promise I will return to form tomorrow. I actually had a streak of creativity and came up with about 15 posting ideas at once. I then proved what an INTJ I am by creating a spreadsheet with the ideas, prompts, and dates to post. Be afraid.

So, have a nice Saturday everyone! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Austin and it’s a nice day to be outside. Go and do something worth blogging about!


2 responses to “Habit Check

  1. I think on Saturday we can allow slack LOL. I have soccer, soccer photos, and soccer snack mom, my mom is also coming into town AND have a birthday party.

    Living the parallel life!

    I happened to have set up (also proving the INTJ thing LOL) posts in advance to use on busy days.

    Have a great day!

    Using My Words

  2. I am so impressed that you go to the gym everyday!

    I think I’m also an INTJ, as far as I recall from doing the test a few years ago.

    Hope the rest of the weekend was fun!

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