One foot in both worlds

Thing 1 is not a morning person. Until this child gets some food in his system, he is just impossible to deal with. Perhaps I should introduce him to coffee? But he’s only 10 and the last thing a 10 year old boy needs is caffeine. I digress…

When Thing 1 came down for breakfast this morning, he was in his usual sunny mood. To express his displeasure with life in general, he took a swipe at Louis, the stuffed Siamese cat that is the lovey of Thing 2 and was sitting on the kitchen table.

T1: “What is this thing doing down here? It’s stupid. Thing 2 should start learning how to live without it.”

Me: “Oh, come on. You still had Woofie when you were 8. And you still sleep with her now.”

T1: “No I don’t. I don’t even know where she is right now. I don’t care.”

Me: (choking back a tear or two at the thought of my kid outgrowing his lovey) “Poor Woofie! After all she’s done for you! She deserves better than that.”

T1: “What has she done for me?”

Me: “She was always there for you when you needed her. Here’s your breakfast.”

He ate breakfast kind of quietly. When he was done, he ran upstairs to brush his teeth and wash his face. He was taking a long time and it was getting to be time to go.

Me: “What is he doing up there?”

Spouse: “He was looking for Woofie.”

After everyone left, I went upstairs, and sure enough, there she was on the bed. She was still kind of hidden underneath his camouflage blanket, but she was back.

So as we hit these tumultuous teen years, I’ll need to remember that my sweet boy will be hidden under the surface, just like Woofie. All I have to do is remember how to pull back the covers.


One response to “One foot in both worlds

  1. This is so lovely! My own “Thing 1” (now 21) was very strongly attached to certain stuffed animals. He has a special relationship with cats, and that reminds me of the sweetness of those early years.

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