Taking Stock

Well, we’re well into week two of the new stock trading venture. I haven’t started trading for real yet, and I won’t for at least three more weeks. I want to feel more comfortable with the system I have designed before I start doing it for real. I’m fairly pleased with my paper results thus far. Even with the market as wonky as it was, my losses would have been about $150, and that is only if I had fully liquidated. I’ve learned a few more things since that first mockfolio, and I am learning a bit more each day. I expect there to be much tweaking for, well, ever probably. I am starting to adjust some things in my life so that I can approach this just like a regular job. I’m rearranging errands, commitments, practice times, and kid things so that I can dedicate a block of time each day to research and planning. How I execute my plans (I’m a major INTJ, of course I have plans) will be the biggest predictor of my success, not any short term swings in the market. Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic about my chances for long term success.

I’m feeling pretty empowered by this venture. I know I contribute to the family in “other ways”, but I will be happy once I can start contributing financially once again. And no, I don’t expect blogging to be a money making venture for me; I’m not that delusional. Don’t you think that expecting to make money in the stock market is enough delusion for one person?

Well, it’s off to my appointed block of time for working. Updates will be available as events unfold.


3 responses to “Taking Stock

  1. Good luck!

    A neighbor of mine is in a stock club and does well with it.

    Using My Words

  2. This is a great time to get into the market – when it’s at rock bottom. Or, what I hope is rock bottom!

  3. Good luck with it. Sounds like you’re super organized to boot. Won’t hurt to have more income to the bottom line. You certainly sound like you have a good handle on it as well. looking forward to hearing more about your venture!

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