Best. Things. Ever. Part 1

Self Service Check-out lines.

I absolutely love these. Especially at places like Wally-world where the average checker is, shall we say, not the brightest bulb in the hallway. Earlier this week when I had to darken the door of that particular establishment (I’m a Target girl), I was really happy to avoid the oh-so-brillant looking checker and scan my two items and get out of there as quickly as possible. Our Home Depot has them has them, except there they are the default. There is only one line with a checker, and that is more for the contractors than regular folk. And it rocks in the grocery store! I even got to use it today when I purchased alcohol! Way cool! I wish I could use them all the time, and not only when I have less than twenty items. You can also find them at the Austin IKEA. They make this neat little “splook” noise each time you scan the item. Very satisfying. Sadly, my Target does not have the self service lines. This keeps it from being the perfect store.

I find it odd that there could be controversy over this. Some people in Stepford complained when they added the lines to our local grocery store. They actually thought it took something away from the grocery experience. Ok, I could live without the sixteen year old hottie flirting with the bag boy while I’m in a hurry. My mother-in-law doesn’t like them, either. But she is also “old school” and expects a lot of customer service from every establishment she enters. We gen-xers have basically given up on all of that and expect to have to fend for ourselves.

So let’s hear it for the self service check-out! The perfect way for the misanthropic control freak to shop!


6 responses to “Best. Things. Ever. Part 1

  1. In general I prefer the check-out counter with a person. The Home Depot self-checks always malfunction for me. LOL However, if I’m solo, and only have a few things, regardless f store, I appreciate the self-check option. 🙂

    Using My Words

  2. I also adore the self-check. Especially when purchasing items that might be a little embarrassing (ie, feminine hygiene products or a frozen pizza/pint of Ben & Jerry’s combo on a Friday night).

    And Austin now has an IKEA? WTF. I have got to get my a$$ back there pronto.

  3. I am AWFUL at the self check. I always have issues with a code, or put it wrong in the bag… always have to have the assistance of the help desk cashier. Always with a line up behind me.
    I can handle it only if I’ve got one or two items, but only with a lot of trepidation.
    Actually, we’ve started having reusable bags at our grocery now, and they haven’t instigated those at the self-check yet. But if they do, I might try again.

  4. Wow, I hate self-check. I only go when I am with my daughter (who occasionally works as a cashier).And our grocery store has instituted a new feature, a little portable scanner so you can scan your groceries as you drop them into the cart. Then all you have to do is pay when you get to checkout. I haven’t tried it yet…. maybe next time. 🙂

  5. I used to love the self-check, pay-at-the-pump, and any other thing that seemed convenient like that until my husband’s best friend pointed out the decline of personal interaction that happens with them. He still always goes in to pay for his gas? Can you imagine? He’s a man of conviction.

    That said, I do try to actually check out with real people and force myself to interact with a segment of society that I so easily isolate myself from most of the time. I also hate how often the self-check thing doesn’t work. But I do use it when I am in a hurry and have only a few items.

  6. I love Target as well, but on occasion (OK, more than just occasionally), have to visit Wally-world. I just noticed that I haven’t pruned my Walmart tag off my blog so you may be interested my various escapades here:

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