All the kids are doing it…

So I thought I would, too.

cash advance

Not sure how I feel about this, but at least I am above the USA Today level.


6 responses to “All the kids are doing it…

  1. That’s what I am too. Which is OK, I think; who doesn’t want to be a kid again :). I better pull out all those big words from now on 😉

  2. I did it too. I don’t trust the answer I got. I think it’s just being sarcastic.

  3. I think it’s random—I’d need to know the parameters it’s using (and whether it’s a bot trying to capture blog sites for spamming). I’m so suspicious but that didn’t stop me doing it anyway. Elementary school? HA! LOL

  4. Well I managed to scare it into genius level, but I certainly don’t write that way (that I know of!).

  5. High School for me, too!

  6. Dang, junior high! Maybe because I talked about a boy who wrote me a note twenty years ago?

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