Best. Things. Ever., Part 2

Produce Pricing Scales

This is wonderful concept. You put your produce on the scale, punch in the produce code, et VOILA, you get a nifty little sticker with a bar code to put on your bag and send through the checkout line.

We already know how I feel about the self service checkout. This is its cousin. It not only makes it really easy to go through the self-checker, but also reduces the amount of time spent in the regular checkout lines. The Mensa Member at the register doesn’t have to look up your produce code on that laminated sheet or ask you questions like “Uh, is this garlic or a shallot?” Just scan and go!

Again, there is some controversy here. Some folk here in Stepford don’t like them because it adds an extra step to the process. And sometimes you have to look for a scale that has stickers, but there are usually six or so scales in any given produce section, so that shouldn’t be a huge concern. The other complaint I hear is that they don’t like doing the checker’s job for them. Whatever. Anything to get me through the line faster is fine with me.

The checkers love them, too. Every time I do go through the regular line, and I mean EVERY TIME, they thank me for using the stickers. These people are judged on how fast they can get people through the lines, so this helps them be more efficient. Efficient is good.

I’ve only seen these at the HEB/Central Market chains here in Texas. Of course I haven’t done a lot of grocery shopping in other parts of the country so I can’t speak to that. Do y’all have them where you are? Do you have anything similar?

It scares me that my first two “Best Things Ever” have to do with grocery shopping. But being the SAHM, I spend a lot of time in grocery stores. Anything to reduce that amount of time is wonderful. If I spent all my time grocery shopping, I wouldn’t have time to create these wonderful blog posts!

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6 responses to “Best. Things. Ever., Part 2

  1. I love self-service checkout, if only because I am an anti-social INTJ. But I always get flummoxed if I have produce and have to hunt for the code on the checkout screen. We don’t have the stickers in our area so I would welcome them!

  2. Oh, that is REALLY cool. And I would totally be moaning about missing the Central Market veggie burgers in this comment, except for the fact that today is my office’s Thanksgiving potluck, and I will be eating plenty of delicious food in just one hour!

    Ok, but your comment about Book People on my blog the other day was borderline cruelty. Enough taunting me with the awesomeness of Austin. 🙂

  3. If they can make self-service really self-service, I’m all for it. I’m at the grocery about 3-4 times a week!
    Oh, and in answer to your question the other day, my area is drugs…the legal pharmaceutical kind 🙂

  4. I’m holding out for a self-service pharmacy.

    “Hmmm…I’ll take six pink ones, two round white ones, and four green capsules.”

  5. You are funny! Is Stepford short for ‘Steiner’???

  6. My in-laws lived in France for a while, and you had to use those at the grocery store. Pretty good idea, since they save time in the checkout line.

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