Friday Haiku 11/16/07

A few Haiku for your reading pleasure….

Friday Haiku Blog.
Maybe it should have deep thoughts?
Nah, that’s too much work.

NaBloPoMo Rocks!
I have traffic at my site!
Must now make it cool.

I love comments, but
Time to reciprocate can
Be hard to come by.

Weather in Austin
This time of year is so strange.
Who knows what to wear?

and finally….

Boys grow very fast.
It is not good for your son
to wear capri jeans.


3 responses to “Friday Haiku 11/16/07

  1. Humorous haiku…I like it!

    Using My Words

  2. Loved that! You are too funny – boys in capris LOL!

  3. Funny!! I totally agree… most days I’m like, is it still okay to wear capris, tank tops and flip flops or shall I wear a sweater?

    Cold front is coming through Wednesday night!

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