Things I learned while redecorating my son’s room…

  • The people at Home Depot will let you use a Glidden color with Behr paint
  • The next time the person at Home Depot gives you the option to use the Behr paint with the Glidden color, you should take it
  • I cannot paint and watch a soccer game at the same time
  • Latex paint comes off of skin a lot easier than primer
  • You can buy the kid’s meal at Ikea and no one will question you
  • Do not get into the short line at Ikea if the people in front of you are a kindly looking elderly couple with no items (should have used the self checkout)
  • Ten year olds are capable of assembling an Ikea bookcase (the Billy, for those of you in the know)
  • There is no such thing as trash for a ten year old boy
  • His favorite toy EVER will be the one you are about to put into the giveaway/trash pile
  • I need to clean my windows more often (ok, I just need to clean my windows, period)
  • I cannot drink the same amount of caffeinated carbonated beverages that I did in college
  • The Austin Adult Contemporary radio station thinks I really need an HD radio and will let me know this every 15 minutes
  • Now that my son has a loft bed, I won’t be able to cuddle him in bed anymore

5 responses to “Things I learned while redecorating my son’s room…

  1. Girl, you climb right up in that loft bed with him!

  2. I have a set of Billys in my dining room. I splurged for the glass-front doors, installed lights in the top, and had two glass shelves made for each at an auto glass store when it turned out to be impossible to get them from Ikea. I keep books below on the wooden shelves, and crystal above on the glass. Quite posh, and pretty with the lights on.

  3. this spring I am redecorating my twins room…..thanks for preparing for what to look forward too! I’m sure I’ll have stories to tell!

  4. Sounds like you got a lot done and learned a lot. I have no doubt you will figure out to keep cuddling that big boy.

    Using My Words

  5. Favorite toy ever for every child ever is the one that you’re boxing up for Goodwill or stashing in the basement for the grandchildren. Without fail.

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