Friday Haiku

Greetings all! Here is the first installment of my Friday Haiku. Not sure how much time I’ll have here, but I want to make sure I post today, being NaBloPoMo and all. I have a theme this week: Random musings from Thanksgiving Week.

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A caravan of
unmarked black vans are driving.
Should I be worried?

Duran Duran has
Lots of radio airplay.
Must buy new album.

Dad has no wi-fi.
Blogging will be very hard.
Gosh, I’m so spoiled.

Thanksgiving dinner
With Dad can be dangerous.
Must now hit the gym.

Longhorns and Aggies
Annual shootout today.
I’ll be on the road.

Seven days left of
NaBloPoMo! Keep it up!
You are doing great!


7 responses to “Friday Haiku

  1. transplanting me

    i had no wifi for thanksgiving. i missed it, but didn’t let it foil my nablopomo.

  2. Second to last one.

    Be glad you were on the road. I mean, depending. Maybe you are sad.

    Using My Words

  3. Like the variety but still keeping to the overall theme.

  4. transplanting: I managed to keep up, but it was really hard. I’m finally home and can actually catch up. I’m having to edit my entries because I keep finding typos.

    julie: Sad. Very Sad. We listened on the radio and hit Austin just as the game was ending. So instead of a nice orange tower to greet us, it was plain ol’ white.

  5. You are doing great! Thanks for these haiku(s)?!

  6. Secret Agent Mama

    I think I qualify for some super amped up version of NaBloPoMo b/c I post like 4 times a day. Do I have a blogging problem?

    Great Ku! I have some up and then I guest blogged some ‘ku, too!!

  7. No Nonsense Girl

    Hang in there!!! You’ll make it!!!! 🙂

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