Meme and Variations

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I got tagged for memes last week, so I thought I would dispatch them today. Would you believe that two people tagged me for the same meme? Well, almost the same meme. Chikaustin tagged me for five random things about myself, and karenmeg tagged me for seven random things about myself. So, chikaustin, just stop reading after the fifth thing, and we’re good, right? Just kidding. So, here we go!

Seven random things about Melissa:

1. I LOVE soccer. In fact, the Italian Serie A game is on in the background as we speak. I follow the English Premier League and MLS. And I’m fortunate enough to be a Houston Dynamo fan. Yea! Don’t ask me how I feel about Beckham though. Things may get ugly.

2. I’m a reforming clutterbug. I really, really, really, really, want to be organized, but I am always fighting the forces of entropy. I’m about to go through another massive cleaning fit in my house which I’m sure will cause no end of stress for everyone.

3. I have two cats. Actually, I have a cat and a panther. I picked them up as rescues from the vet about a year ago. They were about eight weeks old at the time, and while the female is a reasonable size, the male grew to immense proportions.

4. I belong to two book clubs. One book club is through my church, and I am nominally in charge of that one. The other one is a neighborhood book club that I really enjoy. It started out with the idea that we would concentrate on reading all of the books we were supposed to have read in college, but for some reason didn’t. I thought that was kind of a cool premise for a club. Oprah books need not apply.

5. I love to paint and redecorate things in my house. It seems like every three months or so I am doing something around here. In the past year I have painted the entire downstairs, my kitchen, and now my son’s room.

6. I’m an active Lutheran. I do Women’s groups, Bible Studies, and jello molds.

7. I’m a slut for a pedicure. For the longest time, there wasn’t anywhere near Stepford to get a good, inexpensive one, and now there is one within walking distance. Happy Day!

So, there ya go. I guess now I’m supposed to tag someone. Hmmm….I’m thinking maricello and candybuttons are up.


6 responses to “Meme and Variations

  1. Entropy. Good word for my house too.

    It’s also my all time favorite vanity license plate.

  2. What books are your clubs reading now?

    And please…send some “get off your rear and get painting” energy this way and I’ll send you some declutter…fair trade? 😉

    Using My Words

  3. Tags, and now rewards! I posted a thank you award on my blog here.

    Now you’ll have to figure out pictures (this one is easy, just copy and paste into Compose mode).

  4. I’m the same with the painting! Love to redecorate.

    I just started a book club myself with some girls from my church. What are some of your favorites?

  5. julie: We’re reading Middlesex for the neighborhood and The Preservationist for the church club. And I could soo use the help in the de-cluttering! But get better, and then we’ll chat!

    chik: I have tons of favorites. I tend toward the fantasy, but I’ll read just about anything.

  6. Well. Everybody loves a Lutheran, that’s what I say, anyway… but, it could be said that I am bisaed.

    And nobody rocks the jello mold like we do.

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