So how do you guys do it?

I mean seriously! How do you guys do this day after day? Coming up with intelligent posts and checking out other people’s blogs and responding to comments could become a full time job if I wasn’t careful!

How do you build a blog and an audience without losing your mind? Do you have a schedule? Some sort of writing rotation? A clone? Inquiring minds want to know! I feel like I’m starting to get a little bit of traction here as a result of NaBlo and I want to keep it up.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


3 responses to “So how do you guys do it?

  1. I do have a schedule. My life is pretty busy so by necessity I have to stick within strict parameters for blog/online time.

    I prioritize and am fairly strict, also, about which blogs I read. Commenting, same deal.

    But I have already admitted to being a Type A Control freak so this should not surprise LOL.

    Participating in roundtables is a good way to meet others and introduce yourself, and commenting to place you like.

    You’ll do fine.

    Using My Words

  2. Julie is right.

    We don’t have a huge audience, but most of our frequent commentors – besides our own relatives – became readers after I posted to THEIR blogs.

    There is an unspoken but strong reciprocal bond between bloggers, I think.

    Anyway, you’re doing a great job. You’ll be huge. HUGE I say! Just give it time. :o)

  3. Here’s my key to blog reading: Bloglines. Of course you can use any reader like Google Reader. But I keep the blogroll down to blogs that I can truly relate to or entertain me and the list is constantly changing. Only when I feel I have something to add to the conversation is when I actually visit the blog to post a comment. You should set up an account with Feedburner and publish the RSS button so you can track how many readers you have through RSS. Otherwise with posting, I’m usually much more sporadic than during NaBloPoMo, where I will sometimes post 3 in one day and then not a peep for a few days. NaBloPoMo has basically just held up my urge to hit the Publish button as soon as I’m done writing. You’re doing great and I’ll definitely keep you on my Bloglines after NaBloPoMo is done.

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