I can’t make this s*** up…

I’m pretty creative, but sometimes even I am amazed.

The website moneymorning.com is comtemplating where to invade to reduce the price of oil. Ok, that’s not the major point of the article. The major point is where to consider investing to take advantage of the situation and that the invasion idea is “woolgathering”. But considering how some of the Powers That Be think, do we really need to encourage this? And to just bandy about an idea that would cost lives just so we could make some money is, well, I can’t come up with a word that conveys the depth of feeling here. All I’m left with are some exasperated monosyllabic grunts along the lines of GAAAAAKKK!

Next weekend, I will be going to Ft. Hood, the largest military installation in the country, to play a free concert for the troops. Regardless of how I feel about the war, I feel strongly for these kids, and they are kids believe me. They deserve so much more than they are getting, both while in the service and after they leave. When I see such an article as that, and when I consider what I’ll be seeing next weekend, with the YOUNG soldiers and their families, I am just sick. War might be a necessity, but it surely isn’t a “woolgathering” exercise.

I wasn’t going to post today; I was going to take the weekend off. But this really deserved a comment.


2 responses to “I can’t make this s*** up…

  1. Are you effing kidding me?

    And right when, after years of promising no permanency in Iraq, they announce “long-term,” which is not to be confused with permanency you know, in Iraq.

    I agree with you.

    And a concert..excellent. Entertain them and enjoy. 🙂

    Using My Words

  2. Don’t get me started.

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