Meme-ings, nothing more than meme-ings

So much for taking the weekend off…

I got tagged by Julie for the alphabet meme. Since already have plans for this week’s posts, I thought I would go ahead and dispatch it now.

A – Adventurous
B- Brave
C – Cello-player
D – Devoted
E – Energetic, Enthusiastic, Enigmatic
F – Fun-loving
G- Giggly
H- Hopeful
I- Independent
J- Just
K – Knowledgeable
L – Lutheran
M – Musician
N – Naive
O – Opinionated, Optimistic
P – Positive
Q – Queen of the House
R – Reader
S -Supportive
T – Tenacious
U – Useful
V – Vivacious
W – Willful
X – Xenophile
Y – Youthful
Z – Zaftig (I already told Professor J that I would be using this word, too. So there :P)

I was kind of hoping to WOW you all with outstanding adjectives, but alas , this will not be the case. It’s time to wrap it up here and head out to a soccer game. Later!

Curious…I just ran spell check on this, and there are only listings for xenophobe. I guess people are supposed to be afraid of new and different things, not embrace them. Ponder that.


5 responses to “Meme-ings, nothing more than meme-ings

  1. I’m just impressed that you have posts planned for the rest of the week.

  2. Excellent list!

    It’s incredible how just one word—and the choice of it—can tell us something neat about you.

    Using My Words

  3. Great list. Zaftig is such a great word and I agree about xenophile – don’t get me started.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I know I shall be back to yours as well.

    My Other Blog is a Lexus

  4. Zaftig… such a wondeful word. So rarely used.

    GF (Who likes them zaftig)

  5. Oh, regarding xenophile… it sure beats the heck of of being a xonophobe, doesn’t it?

    Rock on, Lutheran!

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