Friday Haiku 12/7/07

It’s Friday! Watch out for falling Haiku! This week’s theme is Day to Read. I have so many books I’d like to talk about, but there’s no way I could do a review on all of them. So I will pick a few and Haiku-review them. Enjoy. If these Haiku don’t feed the jones, then try here.

Yes, that Wil Wheaton.
Great stories from life and blog.
Buy from his website.

Foundation Series.
Asimov is a genius.
Study in decline.

Terry Pratchett rocks!
Discworld is a silly place.
Small Gods is my fave.

World of Jack Ryan:
Intrigue, politics, and spies.
Best? Patriot Games.
Go and read! Thanks be to books!

11 responses to “Friday Haiku 12/7/07

  1. I keep meaning to give Terry Pratchett a try. I know he has a huge following. But I’ll give Ton Clancy a miss!

  2. Will Wheaton! Second time I heard that long-forgotten name in a week. He was on Numbers last Friday and then here. LOL.

    Happy Haiku Friday….

  3. Well done, Melissa! Haiku AND a reading list. 🙂

    (You will have to clue Toni in on the whole Wil Wheaton deal…now abandoned, I suppose, with no fanfare.)

    Using My Words

  4. AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC

    Wil Wheaten? Oh, my!! How funny is that!! Great way to ‘ku your list.

  5. I’m impressed. A book list and a ku? Holy talent batman!

  6. what a great idea! haiku review… creative and rhymey!

  7. Good job haiku-ing
    I really love books as well
    Look like all good reads.

  8. Mishelle (

    Oh how I love Wil Wheaton. I keep meaning to link his blog, too!

    Great job, Melissa!!

  9. Judith Shakespeare

    AWESOME! I can’t think of a better theme for a haiku!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Melissa. I like your Haiku book reviews, too. 🙂

  11. Wil Wheaton… wow he’s all grown up now! I still remember him as the skinny kid in Stand by Me.
    Thanks for the reading list!

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