You’d think we’d have learned from Slithers…

The backstory: Spouse and the Things went to Corpus Christi this weekend to have a cub scout overnight on the USS Lexington. Since the weather was pretty warm, they hung out on the beach for a while. And of course, they collected shells. The following takes place on Sunday as they are driving back home…


Me: Hey! Where abouts are you?

Spouse: Just south of San Antonio, about 2 more hours.

Me: Ok, cool.

Spouse: So I was telling you yesterday about the beach?

Me: Yeaaaahhh….

Spouse: And that they collected some shells?

Me: Yeaaaahhh….

Spouse: Well, one of them is a hermit crab.

Me: WHAT!?!

Spouse: Yeah, well if I had known, I’d have made him leave it on the beach. Thing 1 told me it was a crab, but I didn’t believe him.

Me: Ok, so now what?

Spouse: Well, I feel kind of bad, taking it away from its home and all.

Me: Aaannnnnddd…

Spouse: Well, can you get some hermit crab stuff so we can at least try to keep the thing alive?

Me: Ok, I guess…

Spouse: You’ve got about 2 hours.

So now we have a freakin’ hermit crab. Apparently we have learned nothing since the Slithers incident. I hope it doesn’t have the same conclusion. But at least this time, I’ll just run back up to Petsmart and buy another crab for $5. Seeing as how I just dropped $30 on supplies, I probably ought to use them…

Oh, and the snake thing? We’re still discussing it. I have a feeling that Santa may get involved in that one.


3 responses to “You’d think we’d have learned from Slithers…

  1. And then you get to buy the bigger shell too!!

    We donated our hermit crab to the school when we moved.

    But really, they aren’t too bad. Pretty easy.

    Using My Words

  2. A hermit crab! You are awesome parents…those things wouldn’t go over too well in our household, but likely a bit better than the snakes!

  3. OMG, we have a freaking Hermit Crab, too! I’m shocked that it’s still alive, the way my boy forgets to water and feed it. And, ummm… the way I totally forget we have one and, as such, forget to water and feed it… 😡

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my haiku… I’m enjoying your blog!

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