Thursday Thirteen, Duran Duran Edition

Hey, check it out! it’s TT on the 13th! Cool!

On Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to be able to see Duran Duran while on tour for their latest album, Red Carpet Massacre. This week’s Thursday Thirteen is the thirteen songs I remember them playing and what was going through my head during the songs.

1. No clue what this song was. I was too busy thinking about:

Holy receding hairline Batman!
Check out John’s hair!

Oh, Nick, this is Duran Duran,

not Flock of Seagulls.

What is Simon wearing?
Is that a Members Only trenchcoat?

The new guitarist looks like he
could be a dad at my kid’s school

  • Wait, are those people up front waving canes?
  • OMG, those women are wearing denim mini-skirts and leg warmers!

2. Nite-runner.

This is from the new album, which I don’t yet own. Pretty cool. I’ll need to buy it. So far, they look like they are having fun with this performance. Hope it keeps up. Ok, props to the radio station. Nice to see some humility. Hmmm….so is it live, or Memorex?

3. Rio

All right! Old stuff! All of the husbands/boyfriends who were patiently attending this concert are now getting into it. Pretty funny. Ok, Simon is losing the jacket! Whooohooo! Wait, now he’s wearing a black shirt with a black skinny tie.

4. No-no-notorious.

And we all sing along…..

5. This is Planet Earth.

Dadadada dadadadada….
Did someone just light up a joint?

6. Falling Down

This is also from the new album. Been getting lots of airplay. Apparently it’s #1 in Austin. Simon gets all excited about having a #1 again after so long.

7. Tempted

Ummm…not that there’s anything wrong with the nice lady couple standing next to me, but pleasepleaseplease get a room. Really.

8. Rio

Hmmm…what are those silver things in their ears anyway? Some sort of headphones or hearing protection? I think I have my answer to live or Memorex…Simon is off key. I may be one of ten people out of four thousand who noticed.

9. Save a Prayer

Ahhh….time to mellow. We’re apparently in charge of the chorus. No problemo, Simon. Got ya covered. And a good thing too, since he’s off key again.

10. Reflex

The verses in this song really don’t make much sense. But who cares!

11. View to a Kill

Hmmm….didn’t expect to hear this one. Cool. You know, when the lights hit Simon just right (or wrong actually) he bears a resemblance to Christopher Walken.

12. Ordinary World

Can’t hear, but it sounds like Simon is trying to be deep and talk about the war in Iraq. Oh Simon, you are too pretty to be deep.

13. Reach for the Sunshine

Oh no! Not the last song! NOOOOO! They be stealin’ my Simon! Ok, someone did NOT just throw their panties on stage!

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s an encore!

Wild Boys, Wild Boys!
And finally, Girls on Film , with band intro.
Backup singer was awesome! Wish I caught her name. Same with the sax player. And I don’t remember Nick and Roger being so short.

(They also played Skin Divers. But I don’t remember where.)

As you can tell, I had a total blast! Hope you had fun reading my list. If you need more, then check out here and here. Happy TT!!

The pictures are courtesy of He’s got other great shots of the concert, so check him out.


10 responses to “Thursday Thirteen, Duran Duran Edition

  1. Excellent recap of the D2 show. A blogging friend sent me their new CD and I really enjoy it. They updated their sound without embarrassing themselves. My favorite songs are “Night Runner”, “Skin Divers”, “The Valley”, and the title track.

    You are right about the verses to “Reflex”. What the hell does “But I’m dancing on the valentine” mean?

    Your comments about the ladies wearing leg warmers and denim minis reminded me of when we went to see Def Leppard and Journey the summer before last. Sitting in front of us were 3 ladies who were definitely reliving their glory days of the 80s (I called them the Banger Sisters).

  2. suchsimplepleasures

    i’m still seething in jealousy. i’ve seen them a zillion times…simon is ALWAYS off key…but, he’s a hottie. it’s so sad, they are getting older!
    glad you had a great time. i can’t wait until they hit detroit…i’m SO there…with my cell phone…no lighters, anymore..crazy stuff!

  3. Oh how we wish we would have been there. Great recap, thanks!

  4. Oh sound slike so much fun and good mix of new and old.

    CANES! Don’t be silly.

    And sadly I hear leg warmers are back. They have an entire display in a store at the mall my friend told me (I rely on stories since i don’t go to the mall).

    Although this is good news for me for New Years (going to an 80s murder mystery dinner).

    Using My Words

  5. So many memories, so little Duran.

    Fabulous list.

  6. Lucky girl! I’m green with envy.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. I know nothing about these people, but as long as you had a blast, that’s what matters.

  8. You lucky thing you!!!! Brought back major memories for me from the first time around, and then when I caught them on their reunion tour in ’05 when all the Taylor boys were on board. Still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen live… even if, yeah, Simon is off key and Johnny is looking more skeletor than ever!
    Thanks for the recap — yes, it is sort of sad when our heros of yesteryear are starting to look like old ladies as they get older. Well, at least most of them still have their hair LOL!

  9. Hey it's Amy Shipp

    Oh I so love Duran Duran… I have never seen them live though. 😦
    Great choice for T13.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time!

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