Best. Things. Ever., Part 3

Ok, have you guys used this? It is so freakin’ cool. I downloaded it about a month ago and all I have to say is “WOW”. It lets me find all of my pictures so easily. And, and here is the really cool part, when I sync my Palm/Camera Phone, it puts the pictures in a neat folder for me! Any picture I download automatically gets put into Picasa, so I don’t have to hunt for it somewhere on my computer.

But I just, and I mean just, discovered the very best part. Are you ready for this? I picked out a vacation pic to put on the Christmas card, cropped it, and SENT IT TO WALLY WORLD WITHOUT LEAVING THE APPLICATION! Now all I have to do at 10 am is go and pick up my pics and I am ready to go! For $7.20, I’ve got 40 copies of this great shot of my kids on St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado to send to people. That’s a damn sight cheaper than buying the photo paper and the new ink jet cartridge that I need to print them myself. There’s also a button where it will send it to Blogger for you. I’ve used that one a couple of times and it works really well.

Ok, I was wrong about the best part. The very, very best part is that it is FREE! I just downloaded it from Google. Google wants to wrest control of the world from Bill, and if they are going to have products like this, they may just pull it off.

I was in the middle of a blah post about how Christmas is so much work for me this year, but screw that. I’m energized! One less thing I have to deal with, thanks to the geniuses at Google.

I still think their stock is seriously overvalued, and the Blogger thing really annoys me. But, just for today anyway, I will forgive them.


3 responses to “Best. Things. Ever., Part 3

  1. I’ve experimented a bit with Picasa (when I couldn’t get Flickr to work) … creating some “collages” to publish on my blog, but I’ve not spent much time learning how to do other things within this free Google software. The photos on my computer are such a mess! Some are in Photoshop Elements, some in HP’s Photosmart program(s), others in My Docs/My Pics, and some in Casio’s own PhotoImage files … and many in all of the above, eating up memory I don’t have to spare. There may even be some other programs lurking in the background like Kodak and MSN pictures. Egads! I need to slow down enough to figure all this out before I buy my new computer. Thanks for pointing the way. Maybe I’ll consolidate with Picasa and stop spending money on other programs, especially if it lets me “tag” pictures into categories like Photoshop Elements does.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I’m pretty into PhotoShop and have an elaborate filing system for digital images, though.

    Think it would be useful to me?

    Hmm. I’ll check it out.

    Using My Words

  3. suchsimplepleasures

    gonna have to try it out! thanks for the info!

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