Thursday Thirteen, Happy Holidays Edition

Welcome all! Hope you are having a Happy TT. In keeping with the holiday spirit, I present you with Thirteen things I really like about the holidays:

  1. My Christmas Tree. It’s simple, but it really reflects our family.
  2. Baking cookies for our friends. Yummy!
  3. Picking out gifts for my family. I like to come up with something that they never would have thought to ask for, but is exactly what they wanted. Sometimes I achieve this.
  4. Playing my cello at Christmas Eve candlelight service.
  5. The fact my kids still believe in Santa. But Thing 2 is going to set up a video camera for the second year in a row. We’ll get around that again, I’m sure.
  6. Christmas specials like Charlie Brown, the Rankin-Bass Pantheon, the Grinch, and Muppet Christmas Carol.
  7. Getting photo cards and seeing how big all the kids have gotten.
  8. Coming up with a fun holiday letter. I made mine a haiku this year, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Check again tomorrow to see it.
  9. Taking my kids to paint ornaments at the Ceramics Cellar. We’ve been doing this for nine years and we have a ton of ornaments now.
  10. Wondering how bad the Christmas present from my mother-in-law will be. I’d take it personally, but everyone gets a crappy present from her, so it’s actually become a joke to see who gets the worst one.
  11. The party we throw for our friends. It’s easier than buying them all presents, and it’s probably cheaper in the long run, too.
  12. Setting out the cookies, diet coke, carrots, and oats for Santa and the reindeer.
  13. Having the time with my family to relax and reconnect.

    So, what’s your Thirteen? Join us here and here!


10 responses to “Thursday Thirteen, Happy Holidays Edition

  1. Fun list. I like the Christmas specials and the bakery and candy that only appears around this holiday.

  2. You always do great lists. And I am on tenterhooks about the haiku Christmas letter. That’s money.

    Using My Words

  3. suchsimplepleasures

    i loved that! i think, next week, i’m going to have to join this thursday thirteen. it’s so much fun to read!

  4. Great list! Christmas Haiku… you are awesome. I also think it’s wonderful that you play the cello…must sound so lovely especially at this time of year!

  5. Sandee (Comedy +)

    Sounds wonderful to me. What a fun time for all. Have a great TT. 🙂

  6. Santa drinks diet Coke?

  7. Lovely list — I may “borrow” your Haiku idea for cards this year … though I’m working on a draft of something currently and I’ll see where it leads first. I’ve also played with Diamente and a few other poetry forms, but nothing’s “clicking” just yet. Methinks I’ve spent too much time blogging because it’s all so new. I love the cello … played it for several years as a teenager and wish I hadn’t given it up. Have you played long? Today I’m reading T-13s as fast as I can … and am finding some wonderful ones!
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Secret Agent Mama

    Great list! There’s nothing like Christmas!

  9. MondaythroughSunday

    Hope you MIL does not read this! 🙂 I love everything about Christmas..GREAT list!

  10. Great list and great ideas.

    Thanks for visiting My Thursday Thirteen #61 13 Christmas Songs I Love/Hate Edition.

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