One last look at 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone rang in 2008 in a fun, safe manner with those you love/like/tolerate (choose accordingly). We unexpectedly went to a party and it was most fun. Nothing big, just something down the street with kids and all, but fun nonetheless. I discovered that I really like Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Anyway…

It looks like a bunch of my bloggy friends are doing a retrospective type thing today, so, since I’m not really capable of an original thought at this time (see above paragraph), I shall do the same. But it won’t be too much since I’ve only been blogging since October. These are some of my favorite posts and some posts that will give you more of an insight as to who and what I am.

My first post
It came from Planet Barbie
One foot in both worlds
New/Old Friends
Duran Duran
The Dishwasher Saga
Geeks of the world, UNITE

So there ya go. My favorite posts thus far. Have a restful day, and be ready to tackle hit the ground running tomorrow!


One response to “One last look at 2007

  1. Are we supposed to use names on a blog?
    What is a SAHM?
    I couldn’t get into Terry Pratchett, but I really dig Neil Gaiman. They co-wrote some stuff together. American Gods and Anansi Boys were both great, and I’ve almost memorized Stardust (more of a novella actually).
    I like the blog. Your memories of high school orchestra brought back some of my own.

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