Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

Political Haiku

Happy Hai-day everyone! As my faithful readers, all two of you, know, I really like Haiku Friday. I’ve decided to go a little political this week to commemorate last night’s Iowa Caucus. I don’t usually wax political, or even serious, on this blog, but something tells me that this is the first of these types of posts. Anyway, if you find this Haiku lacking, or it just whets your appetite for more, try here.

Iowa Caucus
It is finally over.
Want to care, but don’t.

Am educated.
Used to be political.
Worshipped Ann Richards.

Wonder what happened
To make me apathetic?
Or maybe I’m not.

Could be just weary?
After all, this race started
In 2004.

Discouraged, perhaps?
The election of ‘06
Did not change a thing.

I think I’m just sad.
The choices available
Do not inspire.

A long way to go
Before all is decided.
Only time will tell.

After New Hampshire
The field will start to thin out.
Easier choice then.

We need a leader.
Not a follower of polls.
Someone with courage.

I can only hope
That this crop of candidates
Gives us the right one.

Must shake off ennui.
Do research and read some more.
Then get out and vote.

Not a thing can change
If I do not get involved.
The same goes for you.