Guilty Pleasures, Part 2

We all have those things that we are embarrassed to admit that we like. Things that cultured, well educated people shouldn’t like. But we do, and, if you are like me, are a bit sheepish about them. So here is the second of my many guilty pleasures posts.

(places paper bag over head)

Rayman Raving Rabbids II for Wii.

Yes, a video game. But it’s soooooo cool! You are Rayman, who is kind of a chicken-like creature. And you are playing against the Rabbids, who are kind of like rabbits, except not. Their plan is to invade the earth and they are trying to learn about human culture so they can infiltrate it better. They are quite silly creatures and have come up with a lot of silly games that they think are representative of human culture. You travel around the world on these “trips” and play along with them. Oh, and you dress up in silly costumes. Can’t forget the silly costumes.

It doesn’t have a plot or anything. It’s a series of little challenges that take advantage of the full functionality of the Wii platform. There are racing games, dexterity games, music games, and just plain odd games. The best part of it is that it doesn’t require a commitment to play. If I want to kill an hour with the kids, I just plug it in and go. None of “just until I finish the level” or making it to the next checkpoint. Each of the games lasts about a minute or so and then you can move on. And it’s not like you have to be super proficient with the controls. Just about anyone can pick up the wii-mote and really enjoy themselves.

If you are fortunate (?) enough to own this device, I highly recommend picking up this game for some silly fun! And you can feel guilty just like me!


3 responses to “Guilty Pleasures, Part 2

  1. I understand completely…sheepish and guilty pleasures and all, except…I have no Wii.

  2. Once we get our hands on a Wii (they are scarce!) I am sooooo buying that game. It looks like a hoot!

  3. OMG!! I LOVE RAYMAN!! We have the first one and the kids keep asking to buy the second. It is my absolute favorite Wii game and we always crank up the music for the disco part. Mario is too hard for me, Zelda is too frustrating, Wario is too stupid, Sonic is too fast, but Rayman is perfect. WAAAAAAAAH!

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