How hard can it be?*

So Mel, where’ve ya been the past couple of days? Haven’t heard from you. Everything ok?

Well, yes and no. No one is sick, we’re holding our own against the forces of entropy, haven’t been particularly busy. But there is one thing….

First I need to catch you up a bit. Last month, right before the holidays, my school district announced a surplus computer sale with iBooks going for $50. Since the laptop I was working on isn’t technically mine and could be recalled to the mother ship at anytime, I thought this would be a good way to get something on the cheap. Yeah, it’s a slightly older computer, but it can still do lots of things, and for 50 bucks the price was right. So I get to the sale at 7 am (doors open at 8), and I am already #184 in line. Apparently, if you wanted to get one of the really cool things they had, you needed to have lined up at 3:30 the previous afternoon. But they still had plenty of laptops when I got in there and I left pretty happy.

I knew that there would be some things that I would have to do. First would be to upgrade the operating system. Unfortunately, this chip set will not upgrade all the way to Leopard, the new version of OS X. The highest I can go is 10.3.9, which will still get me 99% of the things I want. So, now to find the OS. Can’t find it in the retail stores, you have to order it online. Turns out there was a rush on Panther in the local Mac stores right about the time I bought my computer. Go figure. Anyway, when you order online, you have to be careful that you don’t accidentally pick up a bootleg copy or something like that, which would be highly uncool. It took me the better part of two weeks to find the OS (I actually found a factory sealed copy) and then have it shipped. It finally came in last Wednesday.

It also occurs to us that we might want to up the memory on this so that it can run a little better. As my luck would have it, the local Fry’s just sold out of the memory that this machine would need, which meant yet another online shopping trip. That was actually pretty easy and the shipping was really fast. So, by Friday of last week, I had my new (to me) Mac with my new(ish) OS and upgraded memory. Now I’m ready to rock.

Not so fast. Still need applications. Since we’re trying to do this on the cheap, we thought we would try some of the open source software that is so easily available. We did some research and finally decided on OpenOSX which has a great word processor, spread sheet, graphics packages, and financial software for $30. Yeah! I can start blogging on my Mac now! I can start moving all of my stuff over!

As if. I have downloaded the OpenOSX twice now, and both times I have gotten a corruputed disk image. So that’s not working right. I installed the GIMP (think Photoshop), but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this thing to run. And my Rosetta Stone is having issues with the microphone, although I think it is the microphone itself and not the Mac (I’m going to install it on my laptop to verify this tomorrow). The Picasa extensions for iPhoto didn’t install properly, so I have to sort all of that out. And did I mention the battery? It needs to be replaced, but that is to be somewhat expected. At least the local Apple stores carry this battery in stock. I’ll get this tomorrow or Wednesday.

So I’m a little frustrated with all of this. I just want to get this thing set up and ready to go. I’m falling behind on some things that I want to get started and it’s driving me crazy. I’m not totally inept when it comes to computers, but a lot of this is beyond my ken, which means Spouse has to deal with it in his copious spare time. And I feel somewhat guilty that tonight (if I’m lucky that is) Spouse will try and figure out the OpenOSX problem while I’m away at rehearsal. If not, I’ll just have to pull the Helpless Female hat out and call tech support and have them help me out tomorrow.

I’m sure it will be all great once it is figured out, but I’m getting a little tired of this process. I have some exciting stuff (stay tuned….) that I want to get rolling and I hate burning cycles on stuff like this.

So am I still working on the laptop? Actually, I’m at OT right now, which means I can’t access blogger, so I wrote this in my mail package, and I will cut and paste it into my blog later. You do what you have to….

*Whenever Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear says this, hilarity ensures. Not so much in this case.


2 responses to “How hard can it be?*

  1. OMS I am usually so on board with you but today I heard, Hey where have I been, we’re okay but mwah mwah mwah computer talk mwah mwah mwah tech talk…” and I got lost. 😉

    My mind wandered and I started thinking about your derby you went to instead of our party and how it was worth it because of placing and I was trying to imagine building a car and then in my own head I heard mwah mwah mwah mwah. LOL

    Good luck getting that laptop set up.



  2. I’ve found that sometimes the fastest and easiest way to get something is to go through the mountain.

    I love Top Gear! It’s the only show I watch religiously these days. mainly because the kids are already in bed…

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