Friday Haiku 1/18/08

Before I get started here, a big hug and good luck to the hostess of this meme! I hope your move to New Town goes well and you have access to the internet again soon!

Happy Haiku Friday!

Well, it is springtime in Texas, and that means, among other things, Standardized Testing Season. Here, we call it the TAKS. My son thinks it stands for Torture All Kids Severely, but it actually stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. The angst for this test, which isn’t until March, is already starting. They are already losing other learning time to practice for this thing. Last year, before the third grade math test, they had a Boot Camp that lasted ALL FREAKIN WEEK!!! I can only imagine what this year will bring. So I thought I would express my frustration with you in my favorite form of poetry.

Don’t like mine? Don’t worry, there’s more at Playgroups are No Place for Children.

TAKS testing is soon.
Why do we do this to kids?
Pressure is awful.

No Child Left Behind
Causes all of this nonsense.
What is the point here?

Teaching to the test.
Every teacher denies this.
I don’t believe them.

Even in kinder
They are showing the children
How to fill bubbles.

So they pass the test.
Does this mean that they have learned
How to really think?

Passing a state test
Now the most important thing.
So sad for the kids.


14 responses to “Friday Haiku 1/18/08

  1. secret agent mama

    I agree, standardized testing SUCKS! But you wrote a great series here. 😀

  2. suchsimplepleasures

    my husband is a teacher and he can’t stand the no child left behind thing…
    standardized testing…it shows NOTHING, imho. my 4 school aged kids…some of them do lousy in school but very well on the test (in michigan)and i have a couple of kids who are really bright and score poorly on ANY test. it’s frustrating for the kids…and it makes them feel stupid, if they don’t do well…
    anyway…awesome haikus!

  3. Having taught 3rd and 5th grade (big standardized test years) I know how parents feel about this. Just imagine the poor teachers who have to prep all the review when they know it’s not the right way to teach kids. I think there’s a place in central office where stupid old men are making these ridiculous requirements. Most of them probably have never taught in a school setting. Shame on them!

  4. Yeah, standardized testing does suck. Great kus.

  5. suchsimplepleasures

    yeah, we have a long weekend, too. my kids get done today, early 😦 so…i’m not going to even attempt to clean, this afternoon!! instead, i’m going to be the entertainment coordinator…should be a great time…NOT!!

  6. Nice Kus as always. The difficult thing about Standardized Testing is that it gives a false illusion of “success” while undermining real education. When will we ever learn?
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I agree. I was a pretty smart kid, but lowsy at tests (I have dyslexia). I am not good at timed tests. It just isn’t an accurate way to measure knowledge in my opinion.

  8. An incredibly stupid way to teach.

    So much to say… but all I will say is: We have to get rid of the Republican simpletons that made this crap into law.

  9. monkeysandmarbles

    the schools have started doing standardized testing over the past couple of years here in Canada too. imho, all it teaches is memorization, not knowledge.

    great haiku! happy Friday!

  10. yeah, this totally sucks.

  11. In Haiku no less!

    “So sad for the kids.”


  12. NCLB is pure evil.

    One school district here – in a very small town, mind – asks the less intelligent children stay home on test day.

    And the mothers KEEP THEM AT HOME!

    I’d tell those administrators to go pound chalk and walk my dumb kid right up to the front door of the school. Stay home my ass.

  13. AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC

    AMEN!!! And, you are SOOOO right! It is teaching to the test. NOT teaching.

    I taught a TAKS tested subject and REFUSED to teach to the test. The head of the Social Studies for the whole district went apeshit on me for teaching the War of 1812…”It’s not on the test.” Umm. I care? I will teach history in chronological order, bitch.


    Sorry for the gripe. I hate TAKS.

  14. Great Haiku as usual. L has standardized testing next year for Gr. 3, not really looking forward to it.

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