Friday Haiku 1/25/08

Greetings loyal reader! (there go the crickets again). Well, the past couple of weeks I’ve been having some sleep issues, alluded to in yesterday’s TT post. And really? I’m starting to get a little pissed off here. I just want a decent night’s sleep. So, how does Mel deal with her problems? In haiku, of course! My loss is your gain. But just in case that this does not satisfy your Hai-day needs, check out A Mommy Story.

To sleep, perchance to
Dream. But just sleep will be ok.
So tired am I.

I can’t remember
When I last I slept the whole night.
Insomnia sucks.

Vicious cycle now.
Drink caffeine to stay awake,
But can’t sleep at night.

Had of glass of milk.
Now I’m contemplating wine.
Maybe this will help.

Then a nice warm bath.
Followed by nice warm pj’s.
And a boring book.

Good night everyone!
Upstairs to the bed I go.
Wish me pleasant dreams.

Update: Actually slept the whole night! But it took me an hour to fall asleep. Oh well…


13 responses to “Friday Haiku 1/25/08

  1. I’m sorry you’re sleepy!! It’ awful, I know. A heating pad helps me…. also Melatonin. No side effects…

  2. secret agent mama

    Wine always makes me sleepy! Loopy first, then sleepy… Great haiku, despite your lack of sleep.

  3. Insomnia!

    Welcome to my world.

    Hope your stay is short.

  4. Yeah for a whole night of sleep!!!! Waahoooooo!!! Hope you sleep right through the weekend. 😉

  5. suchsimplepleasures

    i don’t heart insomnia!!! i had a bad case of it in middle school! it was horrendous.
    wine works…always…at least, for me! red wine. the second i drink it, i practically have to head straight for bed.
    good luck! here’s wishing you a great nights sleep, with or without dreams!

  6. wine is the friend to me when the insomnia hits.

  7. It’s a wonderful haiku as always. I can relate to insomnia … have never been good at sleep no matter what I tried because each “solution” created new problems. The best for me is regular exercise so I’m physically tired not just mentally drained. I’m glad you got a good night’s sleep. Maybe Haiku before bed will work for you?
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. GReat Haiku! Sucks about the insomnia 😦 Glad you got some sleep though! It takes me forever to fall asleep too. Hope you continue to sleep well in the night.

  9. Still and excellent haiku ode to the sleelessness.

    Glad you got over the hump, though.

    TMI ? could it be hormonal?

    May I suggest some valerian and chamomile next time?

  10. anglophilefootballfanatic

    YaY that you got the much needed rest. I can’t stand when you sit there desperate for some solace and nothing happens. I hope you get a whole lot of catch up sleep this weekend M!

  11. great haiku, lack of sleep is not affecting your poetry skills! good luck…

  12. Worst time I ever had trying to sleep was in South Georgia where it can get to 100 degrees in the dark with 100% humidity, and the dorm I was visiting had no air conditioning. I swear I did not sleep on wink that night, but instead stared at the ceiling all night. To top it off, since I was so groggy I only realized I had forgotten to get a towel after I was in the shower under the water. That was definitely one of the worst nights sleep (or lack thereof) I ever had.

    My wife can also empathize, especially this week. Our son has barely slept all week thanks to some sort of flu or virus. He’s only wanted to sleep in my wife’s arms, so her sleep has been fitful at best. My sympathies.

  13. Excellent haiku about a difficult situation. Glad you slept last night.

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