Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas!


I saw this beauty at Home Despot on Friday. It is beautiful. That glass door? Is an OVEN. The grilling I could do on this baby…I am verklempt just thinking about it.

And today is even nice grilling weather in Austin. Clear sky…low 70’s. Just absolutely beautiful. Sigh….

But what will I get at Home Despot this week instead? THIS.



3 responses to “Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas!

  1. Well…at least you can cook your food quickly…? Just trying to ease the pain.

  2. The grill’s healthier…. but expediency tends to rule the day. You could always use your rebate (i.e., that money of yours the government plans to let you have back) to get it. Then you’d be doing your civic duty AND enjoying some lovely grilled products.

  3. Oh, that BBQ is a beauty for sure. Amazing that you’ve got the weather for it too; mind you some people around here even BBQ when it’s snowing and -10 below.

    Microwave, I find these days, is an necessary evil.

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