And now for something completely different…

Instead of a Thursday Thirteen today, I am going to focus my blogging energy on something new. I am going to liveblog the Democratic debate this evening. Should be interesting, on many levels. Like, how *does* one liveblog, anyway?

So, I’ll see you tonight at 8ET (that would be 7 for me)!


10 responses to “And now for something completely different…

  1. Oh see I avoid this sort of thing because we are SO NOT NICE people.

    I will try to check back but that is “put kids to bed” time.

  2. So will you be doing the MST3K sort of comments, by turning the sound off and imagining what they’re saying, or will you actually be analyzing their comments? I imagine I’d have more fun with the former, because the latter wouldn’t get very far. They don’t debate so much as play the sixth grade game of name-calling:

    “Well your husband’s not nice to me!”

    “Well you don’t actually vote on anything!”



    The funniest thing I’ve seen from that group was when they all sat at the same table to discuss “making peace” and getting back to the issues, but neither of them would even look at each other.

  3. Melissa, you need to get on twitter!!
    Don’t listen to what Julie says, it is the perfect platform for live blogging. Check me out at

    John Edwards (boo hoo, he was my candidate) and Barack are on Twitter too (but haven’t updated much recently).

  4. I’m not sure how it is going to go yet. It all depends. If it resorts to name calling, which I rather suspect it will, I will probably end up being as mature as they are. 🙂

    What I would really like to see is Ron Paul debate Billary. She is sooo scripted, her reactions to him should be a hoot.

  5. Oooh. I didn’t know you could do that.

    This will be interesting and fun. I’d love to catch at least part of it…as it falls right in the middle of dinner for us.

  6. Sounds like fun! Wish I could watch/listen, but I have a rehearsal.

    The technology sounds like fun, I mean. The debates, well, gosh, is there yet another debate? I’ll watch it on CNN reruns.

  7. Oh, you KNOW it will resort to name-calling. If McCain and Clinton get through, we might as well rerun the debates/campaign/results of 1996 – Dole/Clinton. And no, I don’t say that with relish. More like with lemons.

    Maybe I’ll just see if Alec Baldwin is ready to move out of that house in France he promised to move to after Bush was elected……..

  8. I wish I could have been part of the stream, but I got here too late:( It’s an interesting read though. That;s a great feature

  9. Thanks again for hosting the live blog, Melissa. At your request, and Julie’s, I have decided (at least for this political season) to include some of my thoughts on politics on my blog. I was trying to avoid it, but it’s just such juicy stuff. Feel free to put me on your blog roll. You’re already on mine. I enjoy your posts.

  10. Melissa,

    Would you consider posting a short tutorial on how to host a live chat on your blog? This was WAY fun! Also very educational. Thanks again!!!

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