Virtual Book Club

So, this is where you should post your book and schedule ideas. I’ll take suggestions until Friday February 8.

Thanks for participating!


5 responses to “Virtual Book Club

  1. If you like interesting history, I would suggest starting with 1421: the Year China Discovered America.

    If you want something very popular today that might help us understand the current political culture of a place we have recently been at war with, then Kite Runners has received a great deal of praise, as has the author’s other book.

    If you want something exciting that is coming out as a movie soon (though very edited), Jumper was a good read.

    If you want to discuss Jane Austen, my wife and I both enjoyed Pride and Prejudice.

    The book that I got my wife to read the day after she met me was Ender’s Game.

    Hope that lists gives you some ideas that aren’t necessarily what you expected.

  2. Well, I’m reading Richard Russo’s Bridge of Sighs, but I think New England White by Stephen Carter is BRILLIANT and culturally significant, which tons of discussion fodder.

    I can do more research if you like.

    I think Tuesday or Thursday evenings might be better for me because I can probably count on my husband to be home, with Thursday leading a bit because I’m less likely to have a meeting of some sort that day.

  3. Thursdays would be best for me, but I’m still not sure I’ll be able to keep up. I might join in just for the enjoyment of “listening” in.

  4. If you want to host a liveblog on politics, I’d be happy to join in to that, too. We could discuss the FairTax. 🙂 Just a thought.

  5. I’m thinking that we might need something that is a fast read, but still full of discussion, so more people could read it and have time to finish the book before the discusson? Therefore, my suggestion is The Giver by Lois Lowry. It was a Newberry Medal winner, and it’s in soft back an available most places, so it would be more available to many people to read.

    As for times, I think that the best times for me would be late evening (like 9ish EST) and Thursdays are good for me.

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