An Open Letter to Austin Winter

Some doubt your existence, but I know that you are real. You just haven’t shown your face around here lately. Why is that? And when I mean lately, I mean several years.

True, we did have a few years in a row when it actually snowed. Yes, SNOW! That stayed on the ground! But only for one day. And last year, we had that icing that was kind of like snow that the kids took laundry baskets and went down the hills in the park (and yes, that did look a little silly). That was only one day as well. But I can count the number of times on one hand that I have had to use my heavy coat in the past five years.

You’ve given us a few cruel teases this year. We’ll get all excited about some cold front, but once it gets here, it doesn’t last for more than a day or two and we’re back to “unseasonably” warm weather again. (Although, if this keeps up, the cold snaps will be unseasonable and the cold will be odd.) You come by just often enough to make me question wardrobe choices. Where else do you have to ask yourself each morning “Is there a cold front coming in today? Should I bring an extra outfit? Do I feel lucky?” Where am I writing this letter? At a park. And I’m shooing away BEES for goodness sakes! BEES! In February! I’m wearing short sleeves, capri pants, and sandals. It’s 83 degrees. That’s just not right.

People say I should be glad. That having such mild winters is good. I don’t really agree. See, when you are acting the way you should, it rains, you know, that Seattle type rain, for about three weeks. That gets our lakes and aquifers replenished for when your obnoxious sister, Summer, comes to town. Now she really overstays her welcome, if you ask me. And it’s a nice break, really, to have a few months when we aren’t living in some convection oven. And when the winter is so mild and dry, I fear for the summer. Are we going to have another one of those summers with 45 consecutive days of 105+? It just makes me wonder…

So is Al and his Oscar Award Winning Power Point presentation right? Is this all the result of how we’ve been treating the planet? I know I did my part by driving the gas guzzling SUV and not recycling as well as I should. But I’m reforming! My car gets good mileage now, and I’m working on recycling more. I’m trying to do better! But is it enough to bring you back?

Oh winter, I miss you. I need you to come back in all of your sloppy glory. It’s good for all of us. Just think what that would do for the economy! If you come back, I’ll gleefully buy coats and hats and rain shoes for the kids and so will everyone else I know. We’ll even have to pay full retail to boot.

Just consider it. Please? I miss you. Even if you came back for just a week, I think I would be happy. One week where I didn’t have to question my wardrobe choices. One week where I could pretend that there were seasons in Texas. One week where I didn’t have to wonder, “AC or Heater?”

Tropically yours,



7 responses to “An Open Letter to Austin Winter

  1. Winter comes here in the form of a few days each year of true cold (sometimes a week at a time) but it never snows. I grew up not too far north of here, but far enough that I expected one good snow a year. I know how it feels to be tired of wondering “A/C or Heater” in the middle of winter.

  2. OK, now you’re talking to a person who just dying for winter to be over!! I look outside and see pouring rain flooding between giant mounds of gray dirty snow. Cold, wet and dreary. Of course I’ll take this over 105 in the summer (if it gets to 95 I start wiling). Maybe we should all move to California.

  3. Wilting!! Too bad you can’t edit your own comments.

  4. Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess


    Recently someone told me “I can’t wait for Winter so Fall can arrive.”

    Today I’m in a mini-skirt and short sleeves.


  5. AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC

    I am LOVING this weather.

  6. It is a myth here. The name of a time of year, not a weather pattern.

    We SWEATED outside today.

    And my A/C is running.

    At night.

    In February.

    *shaking head*

    I think there was one winter I ever saw in Austin. I mean, my definition of winter. Which means, COLD.

  7. I sweated today in Virginia. VIRGINIA.

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