The Century Mark

It’s my 100th post! Can you believe it? I’m here already. Who knewI’d have so much to say? Who knew people would actually read it?! And all of you came back today because you knew it was coming, right? (man, what is it with those crickets in the background?) So, without further ado, here are

100 Things about me

1.I’m chock full of contradictions. Sometimes people don’t know what to think of me. See how many contradictions you can find here.
2.I’m Mexican.
3.I don’t speak Spanish.
4.But I’m working on that. So far, so good.
5.I’m an only child.
6.But my sister-in-law is wicked cool. I am sooo lucky.
7.We’re allies. We need to be because her mom can be unbearable.
8.SIL reads the blog, MIL does not.
9.I have two sons, but I don’t talk about them too much here.
10.I think I’m uniquely suited to have boys.
11.I like sports.
12.I like video games.
13.I like science fiction.
14.I like adventure and spy movies.
15.Basically, I can hang with the guys.
16.But I like pedicures.
17.And shopping.
18.And chick flicks.
19.And sparkly things.
20.But since there’s room in my house for only one moody bitch, I’m glad I don’t have a girl.
21.I wasn’t raised in any religion.
22.My parents were Catholic, but when they really needed support because of some health issues my Mom had, the church wasn’t there for them.
23.They didn’t talk about it much to me and I didn’t put all the pieces together until about five years ago.
24.I married a Lutheran.
25.It took about five years to really join the fold, but join I did.
26.I couldn’t be happier.
27.We belong to a really great congregation and we’re really active.
28.My parents don’t get it.
29.I’m still growing in my faith and try to live a Christian life.
30.As such, I try my hardest not to take the Lord’s name in vain.
31.But I can still cuss like a sailor.
32.So about that Spouse….
33.He’s my bestest buddy. Really.
34.We’ll be married 15 years in July.
35.My parents got divorced about ten years ago.
36.I was actually happy when they did. Is that wrong?
37.I have a great relationship with my Dad.
38.Not so much with my Mom.
39.She never really grew up and now I have to help her a lot.
40.But she brought a lot of this on herself as she squandered the very generous settlement that my Dad gave her.
41.I end up being a mom to her a lot.
42.I have two cats, Chase and Saphira
43.I adopted them as feral kittens from the vet a little over a yearago.
44.They are black, and I think one of them is actually a panther he’s that big.
45.They are replacement kitties for some older cats that we had to put to sleep last year.
46.Trouble was about 17 and Lucy was about 16. They were awesome cats.
47.I love to read.
48.I think that might be understating it as I believe I’m addicted to the printed word.
49.Seriously? I binge read.
50.This means I will just go through a book so fast just to get through the whole thing in one sitting.
51.And then I have to read the book again for details.
52.Usually this happens when I’m reading before bed, which means I stay up until like 4 in the morning.
53.The last two I did this with were Opening Atlantis by Harry Turtledove and Bel Canto by Ann Patchett.
54.Yes, I read wicked fast.
55.I have no memory of not knowing how to read.
56.My parents say I was reading at two and a half.
57.Yes, I did the GT thing in school.
58.But I think it actually hurt me, which is why I’m so ambivilent about my guys being in it now.
59.I play the cello.
60.I was really, really, good as a young adult.
61.I never appreciated how good until recently.
62.I got frustrated and gave it up when I was about 20, and took it up again about four years ago.
63.But now I’m really starting to wonder what Could Have Been
64.Cause I’m really, really, good again.
65.I love soccer.
66.I follow the English Premier League and MLS.
67.I watch the Fox Soccer Report as often as possible.
68.The Houston Dynamo is my favorite MLS team.
69.I don’t have a favorite EPL team per se.
70.I like anyone playing against Manchester United.
71.I like Fulham because they have a lot of American players and their success could elevate the soccer cred of the US.
72.But they’re on the verge of Relegation, which sucks.
73.Relegation is really cool and I wish American sports would take it up.
74.It’s when the worst teams in the league move down, and the best teams from the lower leagues move up.
75.It would sure make things more interesting.
76.I also like Everton and Arsenal.
77.So, I’m having a good soccer year.
78.2006 was a really rough year for me and I’m really just getting over it.
79.I started the year with a premonition that I wouldn’t live out the year.
80.I had a few health scares, which started a really nasty cycle.
81.I started having really bad panic attacks and I had to take some pretty heavy duty meds to get them under control.
82.Which they are now.
83.But I put on a lot of weight, which makes me depressed.
84.I’m working on that, too.
85.I actually find that the exercise keeps the panic attacks at bay.
86.Which is why I work out almost every day.
87. I love all types of food.
88.But few things make me happier than a good lasagna.
89.Or chips and salsa.
90.I love to cook.
91.But my kitchen is seriously impeding my efforts in this area as it has no counter or storage space.
92.It’s the only thing I don’t like about my house.
93.Spouse and I are DIY junkies.
94.We’ve done a lot of things to the house ourselves.
95.But I hate gardening.
96.I started this blog to try and figure a few things out.
97.Like where I’m going next with this whole life thing.
98.Because if I do my mom job right, I’m obsolete in about ten years.
99.Which is frightening. And exciting to know that my guys are turning out great.
100.I really love my life. I’m so grateful to God for all my abilities, my wonderful husband, amazing children, and fabulous friends and family.

So there’s my 100 things. Thanks for reading the whole thing.Actually, thanks for reading my blog in general. I really appreciate my new bloggy friends and I hope to get to know you all better as time goes on. I hope the next 100 posts are as fun as these last 100.We’ll just have to see.


13 responses to “The Century Mark

  1. Congratulations!!! I forgot to do my “100 things” at 100, so am aiming for some random number in the future.

  2. Wow! What a 100. You’re amazing! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing with me. I feel special to learn those things about you.

  3. Sober Briquette

    #20 – right on. I have a daughter.

    I make a great meatless lasagne. But not now, I’m dieting, too.

  4. Yes – contradiction city. But fun.

  5. Congratulations! I am enjoying your blog, and your multi-faceted personality. Don’t worry, a mom is never obsolete. How about posting some of your cello playing to inspire the rest of us? (mine is almost mediocre now)

  6. Congrats on your 100th post and list of 100 things. You not only read “wicked fast” … you write that way too! It took me almost a week to write my list of 100 things. I started reading young also … and am always amazed at how quickly I finish books when I let myself just sit down to read without allowing interruptions. Sheesh … 4am is when I’m getting up! I can’t imagine staying up that late to do ANYTHING! Here’s to the next 100 posts!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. That was fun getting to know you more! My 100th post is coming up soon. As for the taking the Lord’s name in vain thing…if you look at scripture closely, it’s not really what you think. It seems to mean making a vow by God and then not keeping it. For example, “I swear on the name of Yahweh that I will (insert promise here).” Anyway, I guess it’s a good idea not to us his name as an expletive, too!

  8. What a fun read and getting to know you. I’m jealous you have a great SiL, really I do.

    I’m backwards with #37 and #38.

    Do you have recordings of your playing the cello? That would be awesome to hear!

    And the last few? Simple yet profound. I think we are all trying to figure it out, somehow, somewhere.

  9. You and I have a lot more in common than I ever realized, but more you have a ton in common with my wife. She reads fast, is very smart, and a talented musician and wonderful mother. Her Dad is “Mexican” (not really, but he was born there). I love to play soccer but have never gotten into watching it. I promise, I’m not about to compare and contrast all 100. I just enjoy reading the list. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and appreciate you commenting on mine. I’m open to different ideas (look at Julie’s comments on my blog in response to my dialogue with my co-blogger and then mine). I really appreciate the chance to share and learn with new people. I’ll just never BE a liberal. 🙂

    I look forward to reading some (no promises on all) of your next 100.

  10. Hey Melissa, congrats!!
    My short attention span got up to about item 50 in the RSS reader and then it slipped off the list, so it took me a while to remember to come back and visit. I never did a 100 at 100 (in fact I wasn’t even paying attention). I’m coming up to 600, so that ain’t happening either.

    Great job with the blog and I hope it gives you the direction you need in life.

  11. Congratulations on the 100th post, M.!

    I love your list.

    Do tell, what did you think of Opening Atlantis?

  12. You do have a wicked cool SIL. You are a lucky gilr!
    love ya

  13. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I am so like you on the first grouping. Meant to be a mom of a boy. Love boy things. Yet, also love girl things, too! I also binge read until like 4am.

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