Friday Haiku 2-8-08

Greetings all! Well, it’s Friday. Time for another round of Japanese poetry. No overarching subjects today, just some unfinished business and a few pictures from my camera phone. Unless you want to hear about my five hour return trip from Houston yesterday while battling a stomach bug. Seriously? I was actually constructing Haiku about the experience. TMI? I thought so, too. So these will just have to do. If you need more, check out Playgroups are No Place for Children.

Oh, Thank You, Julie!
This is such a nice award!
Lunch with you was great.

Shopping at Target
Yields fun product placement finds.
Happy Valentines.

Michaels, I’m confused.
Do you want me to shop here?
Please make up your mind.

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend and do something worth blogging about!

8 responses to “Friday Haiku 2-8-08

  1. Hehe. Those were fun! Great haikus and pics! 🙂

  2. secret agent mama

    That last made me LOL!!

  3. Brava!!

  4. Good show as always!

    And thank you to you too…yes lunch was good. So sorry about what happened after!

  5. Sorry about the stomach bug. That’s not a fun way to travel at all. Enjoyed the photos and the Ku. Hope you’re feeling better and that you have a wonderful weekend too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. that was very fun. well done, melissa!

  7. The last one reminds me of a funny picture I saw once of a church that says in a fancy inscription over the main door “Proceed within to find your way to Heaven” and then a handwritten sign hands off the handle saying “Please Use Other Door.”

  8. I was totally looking forward yesterday to finding out the book for the book club. Ask Rob, but I HATE suspense, and I’m going crazy! Wanna read, Wanna read, wanna read!

    I’m so excited for the book club.

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