Friday Haiku 2/15/08

Greetings all! Ready for some Haiku fun? Well, you’re at my site, so maybe that will have to wait. :). Anyway, it’s been a crazy week. I’ve been running around trying to get lots of things done in the real world and haven’t had much time to visit too many blogs. Or rather comment on too many blogs; I finally visited a few last night to try and catch up. I’m behind on some emails I need to write, I’ve just been responding to those having to do with the Science Rodeo next week. Basically, I’m swamped. So here is this week’s lament, in Haiku form. Need more? Then try Playgroups are no place for children. Have a great weekend! Get lots of blog fodder to share with us.

Aack! So much to do!
Plate is oh so wicked full.
Have to just push through.

Learning new music.
Now in orchestra quartet.
Concert warm up act.

Science Rodeo
Going to be on Wednesday night.
So much left to do.

Mom is coming in.
But since she is such a slob,
Not too much clean up.

Soccer games to start.
Thing 1 gets a chance to play
On more advanced team.

All this extra stuff
Added to regular stuff.
Must get it all done.

But by next Thursday
Everything will be complete.
Pedicure awaits!

That’s all folks! Move along! Nothing more to see here!


10 responses to “Friday Haiku 2/15/08

  1. Just letting you know that in working to aquire my book for the VBC (Virtual Book Club) I ended up with a blog post. I put in a plug for your blog and the book club. Yippee!

    Great Haiku!

  2. Wow busy girl!!
    Have fun at the pedicure. I want to go get one!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Wow, I’d wish you a peaceful weekend, but it sounds like that’s going to have to wait!

  4. What’s a science rodeo?

    GL with new music!

    It does look like a full plate, and I wish I could reply in haiku.

    My mom’s visiting this weekend also.

    P.S. Am having a TIME finding that book, Boomsday! Bu tI’ll admit having to stroll bookstores is not exactly my idea of a bad time so it’s really senseless drama on my part. 😉

  5. You definitely deserve a trip to the spa! Plow though all the stuff and then relax and make yourself all pretty!

  6. Ooo. The spa makes it all worth it!

  7. busy busy girl
    has way too much on her plate.
    but pedicure? YAY!

  8. Yup … your plate seems overflowing at the moment! Seems like life gets that way periodically for all of us. I hope you’re taking time to enjoy each activity along the way. I’m sure you’re looking forward to the pedicure.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I hope you get that pedicare! You so deserve it for all the extra work you are putting in!

  10. Hi, I linked to your blog from le35. I was reading your 100th post and saw that you have panic attacks…me, too! Not that I’m excited about it…it’s just always a relief to hear about others who have the same problem. My attacks also culminated in my personal fear of me having a terrible health problem. Crazy stuff!!


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