Another Shameless Plug

Happy Monday everyone!

Just a few quick things as I have to spend much of this week in the real world:

  • Don’t forget Virtual Book Club Thursday February 28 at 8:30 CST. We’ll be discussing Boomsday, by Christopher Buckley. I know there have been a few issues in getting the book. I had no clue, obviously, that would happen. When we make the next selection, we’ll be sure to keep this in mind.
  • After the Science Rodeo, I’m going to create a mini-blog about it so that others who might be interested in having a science night at their school can have an example to follow.

Anyway, have a good week, and I’ll see you again on Wednesday!


5 responses to “Another Shameless Plug

  1. Good luck with the science club. And for anyone who had trouble finding the book, I finally found it online as an ebook. Here is the link to the book on

    It was an interesting book and truly full of discussion material, but I do have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have read it if not for this book club. Getting excited for the 28th.

  2. It’s on my radar!

  3. I had to leave my “real” book club when I got a new job in a town an hour and a half from home…couldn’t make it back in time.

    A cyber book club might be just the thing I need to get me out of my current book rut: food-related nonfiction. Will look for the new blog!

  4. I may find time to read Boomsday, since Ellie got it online. I managed to devour a short story collection just as long in a matter of a few days without much effort, so obviously my brain is back to being “book hungry”.

    I still stand by my recommendation of Archer for political intrigue, and Card for Empire (same reason) or his other books because they’re just so good. You know, for the next time. 🙂

  5. I started Boomsday last night and ripped through eight chapters before knocking off. I should be in for the book club. His style is peculiar, but it’s an interesting read.

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