Just Puttering Around

I love home projects. Which is good, since this was the perfect weekend for them.

Last night, I had one of my fits of insomnia and I started playing around with the blog template. Don’t get too used to it as I’m still messing around with it. But I think it’s a little closer to what I want it to be.

Today I finally got a project that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while completed: painting the cabinet in the downstairs bathroom and replacing the hardware on the drawers. I’ve had the materials for about six weeks and finally got a day where nothing else was going on and I could just get it done. Ahhh…now we just have to replace the sink and it will be all “matchy-matchy” like. This is one time where entropy is actually working in my favor. We are starting to lose the handles on this sink, so I don’t feel like I’m replacing it for strictly cosmetic reasons.

Next up on the docket is some rearranging in the house. We got rid of the dresser and chest of drawers in our bedroom when we installed a closet system. Ok, we just got rid of those around Christmas and we installed the closet system January ’07, but you know what I mean. I have a dressing table that I am going to take to the consignment store tomorrow, which will give me room to take the couch that is in the front room of my house (which basically serves as my music room) and put it in the bedroom to create a nice little sitting area. Almost like grown-ups live there or something. Then, I’m going to move the elfa desk I have upstairs in the playroom and put it in the front room, which will officially make that MY ROOM. We put it in the playroom about five years ago when the Things needed more constant supervision. Now their stuff encroaches upon it and they make tons of noise when they play, which makes it impossible for me to work. Drives me batty, especially since I’m going to try and take this blogging thing to the next level. So, I’ll have to take it down and put it up downstairs. This is, of course, after painting the front room to match the rest of the house. Oh, and we’ll have to repair and paint the wall upstairs, too. So that is not a minor project.

When taking on something like this, you have to figure out how long it is going to take you, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to get started on a project that is going to get dragged out. I’m doing some painting projects at the church, so that takes up time. Soccer season will be starting up soon, which means my weekends will not have huge blocks of time to devote to projects. Since I will be having two sets of houseguests in the month of March, I have to make sure that I can complete the tasks before they get there. Don’t want to have half projects sitting around with small children about. Sigh…I may have to push this until April. Ick. Don’t wanna wait that long. 😦

But when you start the whole home project thing, it just sort of snowballs, doesn’t it? Now that the house is completely repainted, the doorknobs on all of the doors look really yucky. There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just that brassy stuff that doesn’t match what we’ve going on in the rest of the house. So we want to get rid of those. Don’t worry, I’ve already planned to take those to Habitat for Humanity. Then there’s the kitchen, which, of course, is complicated by the whole dead appliance thing. What are we going to replace those with? Stick with the white or go with the more updated stainless? I want to do something with the cabinets in there, as well as replace the countertops with silestone or granite. Fortunately, since I have absolutely no counter space, I can replace my counters with really nice stuff for not a lot of money. There is so little counter to work with, I might be able to use remnants of a slab. All of this home improvement stuff isn’t so bad because I do so much of it myself. The only thing that I just mentioned that will have to be outsourced is the counters. Everything else is all me and Spouse, which reduces the cost immensely.

I’m not sure I have a point today. I’m just rambling on about my house and what I want to do next. Kind of nice to have a day where that is the most serious thing on my mind. The world will come back tomorrow, and all of the stress that goes with it. So I’ll just seize the opportunity and do something I really enjoy. I hope this weekend afforded you the opportunity to do the same.


6 responses to “Just Puttering Around

  1. We’ve been on a DIY kick off and on for a while. We redid our kitchen floor in four days to get it done before our new washing machine came. We had some help from a couple of friends, but most of the work we did ourselves. It was backbreaking, but very rewarding in the end. In the midst of that, our daughter decided to tear off the border above the chair rail in her bedroom, so we had to finish ripping that out, and then a few weeks later we repainted the chair rail and all the wall above it, plus the door, windows, and floor molding. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. We listened to an audiobook while we painted together.

    Our next planned project is the master closet. We first planned to go to Lowe’s and buy a closet system they had. Then I said “Before we do that, let’s check Ikea” and we really fell in love with some of their ideas. Then I started considering spending a little more to pay one of the cabinet makers in the area (who are probably looking for work with the housing market at a halt) to see if they’d build a really nice one out of real wood. After we redo the master closet, then we’ll find something else to do, I’m sure. It’s great to actually feel like we can look at such projects again. I’m with you on that.

  2. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I apologize for not being around. I thought you hadn’t been posting. I gave my list of places to visit to Blue Momma to insert into bloglines…see you obviously know more about computers than how to turn them on….and she seems to have left you off. I just figured that out. I’m a dork like that.

    Way to play with the template. I befriended people who know how to do it for me! :0

  3. I’m impressed with your bravery and like the change so far. I may want to pick your brain when you finish and before I experiment with my Blogger template(s). I’ve asked questions of AFF in email about her move to WordPress and considered that as well, but perhaps playing with templates is wise first. I just don’t want to lose anything and I know of a few bloggers who experienced some challenges. Good luck with your continued changes and the things you’re accomplishing in the real world too! FYI – I left the following response to your question at Sacred Ruminations about keeping up with two blogs.

    “I appreciate the compliment from one who writes Haiku like you … so thanks! Keeping up at first was not a problem, but lately I’ve struggled a bit myself and have experimented with different options. I’ll be happy to pass along whatever pointers I can, so ask away. I’ll definitely think about scheduling a pedicure soon. I hope you both have a superb Sunday!”
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. This post stressed me out. Probably because you described all I need to do! LOL Or things I have started but not finished, such as front room of bathroom painted and back room needs doing.

    But sounds like you are going about it really well so maybe I’ll get more motivated.

  5. Thanks for the visit!

    I am so into those closet systems and desperately want one but that would demand cleaning it out and that is SCARY!

    I do hate my in-laws. Oh, they are evil, evil people. We should trade stories!

  6. I’m impressed with all the work you do/have been doing. So much needs to be done here, but I never seem to make the time for it. Perhaps with spring just around the corner (I hope), things will be different. 🙂

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