Maybe I should have the cat write more posts for me…

Not much today…just a few random musings that I’ve had kicking around. The kids are on Spring Break and my creative juices are not flowing. I’m sure I could expand any of these into a full post, but I’m tired, there’s a soccer game on (go Dynamo!) so I think this is as good as it will get today.

  • I’m doing well with the Spanish. I actually had someone address me in Spanish the other day (like what usually happens) and I was able to converse well. This makes me happy.
  • Just finished a concert series last weekend. It went really well. We recorded the concert, so I’m hoping to post some on the site so that you can hear. If we were as good as I think we were, that is. 🙂
  • Guitar Hero III isn’t as much of a timewaster as I thought. I’ve always been a really crappy sight reader, but I just had to sight read a lot of stuff and I got through it just fine. I think that GHIII has helped me in that regard. Yeah, I’m trying real hard to justify the time I have spent on that game.
  • Should I have another Virtual Book Club?
  • I really need to get a reader. I’m losing track of places I like to go. Makes me feel bad, especially when I see someone stop by and I remember liking their site. Which reminds me. I wonder what happened to my lurker from Pompton Lakes, NJ?
  • I am not worthy of my new camera. It can do so many things, and yet all I have done is take banana shots.
  • What is it with powerful men and their zippers? What kind of self destructive urge takes over? I just don’t get it. And I doubt any of you do, either.
  • I’m not ready for it to be Easter. Just not. I have so much to do and the year is just speeding by. I’m so undermotivated right now. I need a kick start, but I’m not sure what to do. I think my sleep issues are contributing to this.

I’m sleepy right now, so maybe I’ll just run up to bed now. After taking and posting my banana picture, of course.


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