The end of Banana Watch II

The results are in.

I gotta say, based on these experiments, the Greenbag does live up to the hype. The above picture is 8 days of storage. I’ve been using them with my other produce at home as well as the experiments, and I have been getting consistent results. The original bag DID have a hole in it, (thank you cats) which is why my results were not quite as good. So, if you have an intact bag, closed properly, you should achieve these same results.

Now, is it worth the price? My local grocery store sells the Greenbag for $9.84. This is for 10 large bags, which are large enough to hold a bunch of bananas or perhaps a head of lettuce, and 10 small bags. And they are reusable, so long as you don’t perforate them while cleaning them. For the savings I am getting by having my produce last, it is so worth it for me.

Right now, I’m using them to store all of the strawberries we picked yesterday at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas. Aren’t the little harvesters adorable?

This experiment was a lot of fun. Anything else I should try? You know, in the name of science? Perhaps that AeroGarden? Hmmm….


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