Friday Haiku 3/21/08

Haiku Friday

Do you smell that? It’s ennui. So many of my regular haunts are in the throes of it. Myself included. I wonder if there’s something in the virtual water. Anyway, what better way to discuss it than with a haiku. For more, perhaps less angst-y poetry, try A Mommy Story and Playgroups are no place for children.

Have you all noticed
Something going around blogs?
It’s blogging ennui.

Too many good blogs.
No way to visit them all.
Makes me feel guilty.

Writing good content
Has been really hard lately.
Bananas don’t count.

Jennifer and Lis
And so many more fave blogs
Saying the same thing.

Perhaps I’ll join them.
Time to remember why I
Blog in the first place.


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