Haiku Friday 3/28/08

Haiku Friday

I know you have been waiting all week for this. You’ve been on pins and needles wondering what haiku bliss I will bring you today. Well, it is nothing more than the mundane task of laundry. Which in this house is a never ending process. If you feel the need to wash your hands of me and find other haiku outlets, check out Playgroups are No Place for Children and A Mommy Story.

Laundry Haiku

The piles are growing.
Little boys can generate
a lot of laundry.

It does not help much
when they put clothes on the floor
instead of away.

For then what happens
is that the dirty and clean
are mixed together.

Very annoying.
Makes so much more work for me.
But not for too long.

Thing 1 is now 10.
He is getting very tall.
Can now each controls.

I wonder how long
it will take him to change ways
once he does the work?


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