A Vote for Me… is a Vote for Me!*

The following is a Monday Mission. Today’s mission: write your blog post in the form of a political ad. If you elect not to enjoy what I have written, check out some of the other candidates at The Painted Maypole.

*Bonus points if you can tell me what that is from.

There is a threat to our borders.

This menace threatens what you hold dear: a bug free home.

What is this menace? The mosquito hawk.

This menace takes advantage of our open borders, those borders we open for free passage of goods, services, and most importantly, cat food, to slip in and terrorize our community.

If we seal our borders, then the mosquito hawks win. But we need an effective way to deal with this scourge.

My opponent believes in a “catch as you can” philosophy. He prefers to wait for the enemy to show itself before striking. Sometimes even to the point of landing on him first before acting. And if he can’t catch them right away, he is apt to “cut and run”. This has allowed for too many bugs to infiltrate the premises.

Caught in a clear violation of House rules!
Can you trust him to keep our home bug-free?

I believe in an active campaign to rid us of these pests. I believe in an active border patrol. I believe in engaging the enemy the moment it makes the mistake of flying into our airspace. And I believe in immediate consumption of the treat, I mean threat.

Since I have begun my campaign, mosquito hawk sightings are down 65%. And once those hawks are sighted, they are eradicated in mere minutes. In fact, I plan on an increase in my patrol activity, some might even call it a Surge, to eradicate the mosquito hawk presence once and for all.

Your candidate on active patrol.

My opponent? Has no such plans. A home under his leadership would quickly fall to the insectoid menace. You cannot let this happen! It is within your power to elect strong feline leadership for this household.

Your choice is clear:
Saphira for Alpha Cat.

I am Saphira, and I approved this message.

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