Friday Haiku 4/4/08

Haiku Friday

It’s that time of the week! Time for musing in three line Japanese poetry. So, what’s on my mind this week? Summer. It’s coming up fast, and if I don’t watch it, I’ll be stuck with 100+ degree heat and really bored children that I can’t send outside in the afternoons to play. How does one handle this? Day camps. Not a lot of them, but just enough to break the monotony every few weeks. What? Are you bored already? Sheesh! Then check out Playgroups are no Place for Children and A Mommy Story for more.

First Week of April
Time to plan for summer camps.
Hope I’m not too late.

Soccer camp for one.
Art camp for the other one.
Science Camp for both.

VBS is fun.
Our church does such a cool one.
Kids so really like.

Must get on the stick.
Summer camps fill up so fast.
Can’t afford to whiff.

Big summer awaits.
Kids are growing up so fast.
It will be a blast.


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