Tax Swap!

So I’m participating in the Tax Relief Swap hosted by Anglophile Football Fanatic and Alix at DC Days. The idea is that we sign up and get paired with a bloggy partner, then exchange a gift. My partner is The Food Snob. Take some time to check her out because she is quite cool. A foodie through and through.

The hostesses also posted some questions about Tax Day, which I will answer now.

  1. If you are getting a refund this year, where is the money going? If you can only wish that would happen, what would you get if you were?

We are getting a small refund this year, and we’re lucky to be getting that. The thing that put us into the refund category rather than the paying category was our church donation. So we’re just going to take that check and turn it around to the church. Don’t be too impressed. Like I said, it is a small refund.

2. What is your favourite non-traditional holiday?

I’m not real big into the “greeting card” holidays, as I like to call most of them. One that I think is kind of funny is Pi Day, March 14. Think about it. But other than that, I would have to say I don’t have one.

3. If we all got Tax Day off (Massachusetts does as Patriot’s Day), how would you spend it?

Sleep late, make a late breakfast, catch a movie or some other family activity. Just a day of chillin’ out.

4. If you had the ability to dictate where your tax money went where would you have yours go?

Wow. Wouldn’t this be the coolest blank on a tax form? I’m so torn. Should it be education, health care, debt reduction? There are so many possibilities. But I’d have to lean toward education. Give the school districts enough money to hire and retain the highest quality teachers possible. Oh, and revamp the curriculum.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to send my new bloggy friend. I have a pretty good idea, but now I have to figure it out. No matter what, it will be tons of fun to do.


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