What am I missing here?

Ok. I just got back from rehearsal. (Yes, even though I was still sporting a headache, I went. My alleve/caffeine cocktail finally started working around 4, so I was pretty good) I need some help here.

Remember THAT family? You know, the one with issues with our playlist? Well, they’re at it again.

The playlist for our next concert is as follows:
(The links go to emusic.com and you can listen to a snippet from the album. You’ll need to scan down a little bit to find the piece from each album.)

Russian (Soviet) Saliors Dance, Gliere
Norwegian Dance 2 and 3, Greig
West Side Story score
English Folk Dances, Somerset, Vaughn Williams
Overture to Nabucco, Verdi
Syncopated Clock, Anderson
Pink Panther Theme, Mancini

and a whole slew of stuff from the Strauss family:

Radetzky March
Ohne Sorgen Polka
Tour and Retour
Blue Danube Waltzes (all five of them)

Which one of these is this family not playing?

Pink Panther.


Here’s something better: Last year, when we played the Pennywhistle Jig from the Molly Maguires, also by Mancini, they played it.


So, let’s look at all of this:

Pirates of the Caribbean Suite bad. Pirate March good.
Duke Ellington Suite bad. Forrest Gump Suite good.
Pink Panther bad. West Side Story good. Molly Maguires good.

Oh, and to make it even better, the patriarch of the group is playing the piece.

I’m all for sticking to your morals. But there isn’t any rhyme or reason here as to what is and is not acceptable. Or if there is, I don’t see it. Do you? It seems to me that they aren’t so much trying to make a stand for something as to emphasize their seperate-ness. Does that make sense? If they have an issue with non-classical repertoire, then be consistent. It just annoys me because now, at our most attended concert of the year, we’re going to have about 15 members sitting out a piece and it looks really unprofessional.

On an unrelated note, we had to scrap playing 1812 Overture because we couldn’t get the permit for the cannon (it’s an outdoor concert). Oh well. 🙂


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