Hump Day Hmm 4/9/08

Today’s Hump Day: Consider these questions: does the universe (God) prescribe an order? do things happen sometimes too coincidentally to be coincidental? is there a design? how is it that sometimes things come to us, just when we need them most?

Well, to quote someone with hair as frizzy and messed up as mine*: “God does not play dice with the Universe.”

Everything happens for a reason. These reasons may not seem obvious at the time, but hindsight always shows the larger pattern.

In my own life, this has been made abundantly clear to me on many occasions. My taking up the cello again probably saved my life. A decision to go to a party at college instead of out on a date set up the series of events that led me to my husband. Who, as it turned out, had been good friends with the brother of one of my good friends in middle school. The hostess of this blog lives on the other side of the nature preserve from my father, which means we can set up the occasional lunch date.

Too many things in my life are a coincidence for them to be a coincidence. There has to be some plan or design.

But wait? What about free will? Don’t you have a say on what happens in your own life? Isn’t the song “Free Will” your personal anthem?

Ah yes. Free Will. I believe that the concept of the “master plan” and free will are not mutually exclusive. How?

You are always free to choose your own path. But when that path is not working for you, or it seems that you are always fighting your way on that path, perhaps it is not the path you should be taking. That is when you reevaluate to discern what is God’s plan for you in this world. And then you use free will to choose His path instead of another. Once you have freely decided to do so, the coincidences start to happen.

As much as we would like to think so, we aren’t in charge. Life goes according to plan. Just not yours. But you have to choose to be part of the plan. For if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

So. What’s your choice? Go on over to Julie at Using My Words to chime in or just read other opinions.

*Albert Einstein, in case you didn’t know.


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