Friday Haiku 4/11/08

Haiku Friday

Springtime Haiku

A nice day outside.
And the kids are off from school.
What to do today?

Shall it be the park?
Perhaps check out a movie?
Spend some time with friends?

Sadly not to be.
Both kids are in GT class.
Both have projects due.

Spend today working.
Thing 2 presents next week.
Must finish today.

Thing 1 is on track
But still has a lot to do.
Use the time wisely.

Time to get started.
Let them watch Transformers first.
Not completely mean.

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s the Independent Study that the kids have to do for their GT program. I think everyone involved hates it. Thing 1 always picks subjects that are waaaaaay over his head and cannot be grasped in the time alloted. Then we have to step in, help him refine his topic and explain a lot to him. Then he gets frustrated and doesn’t want to work on it anymore. This year? He wanted to do a study on the destructive power of soundwaves. The physics behind that is pretty staggering, so we managed to get him to study acoustics and echoes instead. It’s not that he’s not capable of understanding that kind of material, he’s not capable of understanding that material in the two month time frame that they have. I’m going to encourage him to study it more on his own after this is all done so that he can learn what he originally wanted to. If he can get his visual aids completed this weekend, he’s in fabulous shape for his due date of 4/23. The big part of the project is the “product” which must answer a “complex question” which demonstrates new learning on their part. His product will be a model of a classroom designed to minimize noise.

Thing 2 tends to pick topics that are waaaaaay out there for a different reason. This is Random Child and you just never know where he’s going to go with something. His topic this year is dragons in literature. The younger grades at choose a broad class topic, then each student in the class picks something within that topic. The class chose medieval times as their broad topic, hence the dragons. Anyway, he studied common themes in the stories, speculated on why the stories were written in the first place, and he’s writing a modern day dragon story based on that. With a diorama.

So there ya go. A little TMI on the kids academic careers, but it’s what’s going on in the house this week. I’m going to refine my criteria for blog content. I feel pretty stagnant lately and i need to do something about that.


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